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  1. Two more: Java Constructors The section Java Constructors says: Considering JSL, 8.6. Instance Initializers this is not completely true. Java Interface Notes on Interfaces in section Java Interface mentions: This is not true if an interface is implemented by an abstract class.
  2. Java String Methods The description for intern() in the tutorial reads: This is actually the short description of the overloading indexOf(int ch, int fromIndex) method. The actual short description of intern() reads: Java Strings The Java Strings section contains: According to the JLS, 3.10.5. String Literals: and since String implements CharSequence and states: and since collection has a special meaning in Java the following would be more precise: a) from a general point of view: A String variable contains a sequence of characters (without the enclosing double quotes that form a string literal!). b) in detail: A String variable contains a reference to an object that represents a sequence of characters. Java Modifiers The section Static contains: The difference between those two is that on methods the former defines an invocation scope (of class compared to object) and the latter is an access modifier (public compared to private, default or protected). These are two completely different concepts. So, comparing these two doesn't make any sense and is extremly misleading.
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