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  1. Is it possible to have a html page always on top-most of desk top, even I open another web page, or execute other program in desktop?
  2. How to know MediaPlayer finished playback mpg in IE?I want to control IE to play 2nd video when the 1st one is finish, then 3rd one, and repeat to 1st again.
  3. I need to convert MS Power Point (ppt) with sound to multimedia and play in web page. Any suggestion on multimedia which is most suitable for play in web?Any tools recommend for the conversion?
  4. marlai


    As the left frame will be a tree list, I need JS to expand the tree to get more selection for user, and also perform other JS function in main.htm.
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    Dear All,I have put my question in below web page, please click below and help me.Please click here for my demo pagehttp://www.hkstar.com/~marlai/w3school/askForHelp.htmlThanks.
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    Dear All,Below are 3 web pages, main.htm contain 3 frames, it load hh.html on header frame and empty.html on leftFrame and rightFrame.All java script:alert(date) work OK, but got error in the 1st link {alert(d) target="rightFrame"} when Google link is clicked, please help. ============ main.htm<HTML><!-- When open this html in IE, all java script:alert(date) in hh.html is OK, once Google clicked, <a href="java script:alert(date)" target="rightFrame"> got error, please help to solve it, I know remove "target=rightFrame" can solve it, but I need this to load other web page o
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