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  1. Further developments (ongoing/WIP) in the discussion thread here... https://dev.to/saulhj/toggle-at-top-of-the-page-to-expand-collapse-all-headers-elegant-solution-2jac Sorry, not going to post same stuff in multiple spots at once, hope folks here aren't pedantic about this sort of thing. Can always continue our own separate help discussion here, after you've seen what's going on there. Thanks again.
  2. Most of the main files are attached, & some further updates/commentary here: https://dev.to/saulhj/toggle-at-top-of-the-page-to-expand-collapse-all-headers-elegant-solution-2jac Essentially, only worked on the dashboard.ejs file - thus far. But eventually need to do some stuff in dashboard.js, & possibly style.css. Help, is greatly appreciated.... Thanks again. dashboard.ejs dashboard.js style.scss
  3. Don't have code, best got at this point, is pseudocode... To further flesh out what was thinking, does this sound about right? Missing steps or sub-steps? How to further flesh out each step/sub-step? Each of the collapsible tables should have a class. I’d need to; Create a button in dashboard.ejs that calls a function. This function should: Use a global boolean declared at the start of Dashboard.js to indicate if the tabs should be OPEN or closed Get an array of all of the elements with the above class For each element, check if it is currently open or closed,
  4. https://www.w3schools.com/howto/howto_js_collapsible.asp Total noob, have some ideas, but still a bit unsure on the best approach. Was going to implement something similar to what's here (also see supplementary page) http://www.dynamicdrive.com/dynamicindex17/ddaccordion.htm thank-you!
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