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  1. it turns out that i was using visual studio code while the tutorial was using visual studio. however, when i looked up how to install it on the pi (im using an rpi 400) it only came up with visual studio code. so now i need to figure out how to install that
  2. i decided i would try c# one day because i figured since i already knew c and c++, it would be an easy switch. plus, i wanted to develop desktop applications and it seemed perfectly suited to my needs. BUT: the example setup pictures have a top bar, all the videos i watch have it too and a "new project" option, and many other differences. below i have attached a screenshot. WHAT IS GOING ON??????????????
  3. your link appears to be invalid. what are you using to test your code? are you using the "try it" window or a text editor or the official python IDLE? if its the "try it" window its probably a developer problem, but if your using a text editor it could be a faulty feedback system.
  4. i am making a text editor with python and i need to know how convert _io.TextIOWrapper to string. i am using filedialog from tkinter, and when i use askopenfile(initialdir = "/", title = 'Open', filetypes = (("Plain Text Files", "*.txt"),("All Files", "*.*"))), it gives me _io.TextIOWrapper. i need to derive the file path from this and convert to string as a variable, so i can just stick the variable in my open() function. does anyone have any experiance with this?
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