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  1. dsonesuk, What are you talking about?! I think you have the wrong address, or you have a typo. If it is an expression, what does it mean? By "DNA from a child is not mine", did you mean "code from a language is not working"?
  2. This picture should give you an idea... The Left is Blue, Right is Red, Center/Mono is Green. I want to make audio files become images with something like this. How is there no code if I can do this manually? I want to take the 3 audio channels and convert to and from the 3 pixels of color in a spectrum. I didn't waste a day trying to sign up to have "There is no code", surely there is something? Even if it isn't Java, or CSS, or HTML5, C++, XML, and so, I want to assign one color to one channel and the other to another. Is that too much to ask after waiting to be approved, and waiting for an
  3. Forgot to mention; What is the code needed to change brightness depending on the Left Right and frequencies volume, not Mono and not wave samples? Will this work in HTM, JavaScript, CSS, etc.? Do I need to select channels 0, 1, 2 or 1, 2, 3? And how to change the color to mix brightness as said? Like I said, I could not find the code.
  4. I was thinking about making a 3-channel audio file with pictures stored as a spectrum where one direction is time and the other is frequency, and have it displayed as Red-Green-Blue instead of hearing as Left-Right-Center. The problem is, even after Googling, I can't find a way to convert even Left-Right (Stereo) to pixels. As some may call it, Spectrogram, FFT, Frequencies, Pitch, I want to show different colors when different channels play in an HTM file. Help? Any suggestions? I want to convert 3 channels sound frequency to each of the pixel colors, in a mixed spectrum, NOT chan
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