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    Website Layout

    It's too pink! It's blind me! ARGGHHHIt was a little TOO curved at the top, it looked kind of weird to me, and yeah it is too pink! It's blind me! ARGGHHH
  2. Hello Everyone,Could you kindly tell me how I might improve my site: http://www.markswingle.comIt's a personal site, but it has lots of Humor and other stuff on it.Thanks,Mark Swingle
  3. * anti-aliasing? how do you recommend I fix.* sans-serif where?* It shows even if you have JS.* What do you recommend?
  4. It's not a games site, it's a free content site any content you want added you tell us and we add it. Thanks for the critique.
  5. Hello All,Please check out my site and tell me what you think. Thank you!http://www.frozenoven.com
  6. The website you showed me doesn't come up?EDIT: just got it working.
  7. I have this content editable div which is working fine, but when I type in HTML code, it doesn't work. How do you make it so it execute HTML code? <div name=contents CONTENTEDITABLE="true" STYLE="border: 5px dashed black; width:90%; height: 90%;"></div> I tried this where I tried to use Javascript to turn off the contenteditable value but it doesn't work, I would like it so it would execute HTML code immediatley when it is typed in, and then I can change it with a button to show the code and stuff. <html><head><title>Edit your page!</title><script typ
  8. blufish

    My websites..

    Dude, I visited the one for everything you'll ever need. I now have a headache from seeing those annoying skulls. Don't ever use the scripts that pop up a message an ask you for your name, half or more of the people who go to your site will leave immediately, the site was lacking content, a lot of content, and scrap ALL the javascripts, scripts like that make your site look n0obish very n00bish. Javascript shouldn't be used for that, javascript should be use to enhance the experience but not add lots of pretty frivolous annoying things. You really should arrange the content better, and get
  9. Sorry, you must have been logged in while I was doing some major edits to the design. I have fixed up the design I hope you guys like it and if you can tell me how to improve the site further it would be much appreciated. Thank you.
  10. Hey guys!I'm new here, but I want to ask you some questions about what you think about my new website.http://www.frozenoven.comQuestions:Design 10/10Efficeincy 10/10Functionality 10/10How long would you stay? 00:00:00What can I improve on? (Please list at least one way to improve)Please don't just say, "I do not like your site" say "I do not like your site because..." Alternatively don't just say "I like your site" say "I like your site because..."ThanksSorry about the quirks earlier, I fixed them.
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