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  1. Hi all, just getting into php, and was wondering what program(s) you use when editing/creating php scripts. I have wrote some very basic test scripts (from a book) using NOTEPAD...and find it ok, but it woud be nice if different text colors could be used to make the layout easier to work with :) What program do you use ??Many thanks :) Matt.

  2. I appreciate your advice guys, thank you.Well as you know I am progressing through XHTML and CSS, I am now going be learning PHP and MySQL using Apache server, hopefully to set up a shopping cart for a site I am working on :( Well 2 days ago I had no idea about PHP, MySQL or Apache...and finally today I got all them all setup on my pc running windows XP, I have to say there is alot of information out there...too much when it comes to setting these programs up, the real pain I had was getting MySQL to work...hours of searching, I finally found a site with the EXACT info need to get MySQL working on my machine : I hope this helps anyone going through the motionshttp://www.devarticles.com/c/a/Apache/Inst...nder-Windows/1/I picked 2 books today from PC World (PHP 5 by MIKE McGRATH and All in one PHP, MySQL and Apache) so this should give me a good start ....I have far toooo much time on my hands :) Any recommendations ?Again, thanks for the help and advice :) Matt.

  3. Thanks very much for the replies, I plan to add a shopping cart to a site, I understand that I need the following to get me going:PHP, for server scripting ?MySQL, for database ?APACHE, to run PHP scripts ????When I find the download pages for the software...its rather confusing which software I actually need to run on windows XP, I have read the pages and I am still unsure which exact software versions I should be running, I noticed when choosing to download the apache software, windows xp users need to install service pack 1...erm what, what's that all about :) If I could be a real pain in the backside..could anyone give me a direct link to the downloads for each file because I am lost :) Any help guys would be greatly appreciated :( Matt

  4. Hi all, I am currently learning XHTML and CSS, but I need to build a complete shopping cart for a site that I will be building,How do I start to make my own shopping cart ? do I need to start learning ASP/PHP, I do want to build my own from scratch , which should be a good learning curve.any pointers would be greatly appreciated Thanks very much for your time :) Matt.

  5. Just give absolute dimensions(in pixels) to the div(width: ###px; height:###px;) and if it still doesn't work, add "overflow:hidden". As far as I know, this would hide every part of the text that passes the specified dimensions, thus keeping the div unchanged.

    Thanks Boen_robot, I did try the width and height method but the div was changing shape, I have just tried the over flow and it works perfectly...Thanks very much :) Thank you.Matt.
  6. Hi all,quick question.I am playing around with some basic templates and I am just getting into CSS and using divs also, my question is when I give dimensions to the div, I put my content in (text) but the div changes shape with the text..which I dont want? How do I lock the width and height of a div so that it will not change shape at all ?Thanks for your time :) Matt.

  7. Thanks for the Wecome real_illusions :) I have little experience with html, and have just bought 2 books on X/HTML and CSS which should give a good start.Oh while I am here.....whats with the FIREFOX browser...why should I be using it and not Explorer ? I have been using explorer for a while now and never had any problems? is firefox better ?.....be gentle....I am a newbie.Again thanks for the replies Illusions, Dale :) Matt.

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