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    Php Mail Question

    EDIT 2: Problem solved
  2. could you show us a screenshot?
  3. Callum

    Php Mail Question

    can anyone tell me the fault with this script. I am confused. I am just recieving blank emails. <form action="sent.php" method="post"> <table> <tr><td> Name: </td><td><input type="text" name="appname" size="30"></td></tr> <tr><td> Xfire:</td><td> <input type="text" name="appxfire" size="30"></td></tr> <tr><td>Email: </td><td><input type="text" name="appemail" size="30"></td></tr>
  4. Callum

    PHP Proxy?

    I need a proxy and am fed up of being bombarded with ads using commerical proxies. How would I make a php proxy? Could someone show me how with a tutorial? Also the proxy needs to be able to view images. I am reltively new to php.
  5. Hi, Quick question how do a hyperlink back?Normally you would Hyperlink link thisWebsite/finalversion/Images/Resized/image1.jpg This would get you to the Resized folder from the Website folderHow do you hyperlink backwards???say to get from the Resized folder back to the Website folder?I have some word docs I need to link back to but there backwards, So I'm a bit confused :)Callum
  6. EDIT: Moved on, starting to get the hang of it.EDIT 2: Does every MYSQL database need a primary key??, if so is it possible to set a primary key without deleting the table ???(table is empty at the moment but I don't want to delete it)
  7. This is on my own test host using Wampserver2 though :S. if it helps im running MYSQL 5.0.51bEDIT: Uploaded the script to my online host and I get exactly the same error.Is both my local test server and my online host blocking me from creating DB's? Or is my code incorrect :S
  8. thanks, the new error message is.Fatal error: Call to undefined function mysql_create_db() in C:\wamp\www\newfolder\proj1\create_db.php on line 8I do not understand? :S i thought that was a defined function :S
  9. Hi, I would be gratefull if someone could tell me why this script doesn't actually load. All that happens is that the browser loads a blank page. Can someone tell me where I've gone wrong. Thanks Callum <!-- Create db form --><?php $conn = @mysql_connect( "localhost", "root", "" ) or die( "Could not connect to MySQL" );$rs1 = @mysql_create_db( $_REQUEST['db'] );$rs2= @mysql_list_dbs($conn);$list = "";for( $row=0; $row < mysql_num_rows( $rs2 ); $row++ ){ $list .= mysql_tablename( $rs2, $row ) . " | "; } ?><html> <head> <title>Admin Tools</title> <
  10. Callum

    PHP mail error

    I can't believe I missed the post error lolbut more importantlyhow do I get the variables to display on different lines?Currently it's this $msg = $var1 . $var2 . $var3 . $var4 . $var5; But as you can imagine, the email is impossible to read with all the variables side by sideI tired this, but it just came up with errors not allowing the "\" character $msg = $var1 . \n $var2 . \n $var3 . \n $var4 . \n $var5; Could someone tell me how to display a new varialbe on a new line?EDIT: I'm relatively new to PHP so don't be too harsh :/
  11. Callum

    PHP mail error

    Hi when ever I submit the form, I recieve the email but the data in the $msg varible is not sent. It just sends blank. Can someone show me whats wrong?here is the form <form action="payment.php" method="POST">Name: <input type="text" name="name" size="20"/>Email: <input type="text" name="email" size="20"/><br>Site title: <input type="text" name="title" size="20" />No. of pages <input type="text" name="pages" size="13" /><br>Site topic: <input type="text" name="topic" size="20" /><br><span><p>Images</p></span>
  12. Callum

    setup rant

    Having finally got PHP, Apache and MySQL installed I am hugely relieved but why the ###### is it so damm hard to set up Apache and PHP? It took me ages to fail at setting it up. All I can say is thank god for Wampserver 2. (not sure if im allowed to mention names). How was your experiance setting it up?
  13. Is it possible to connect a Microsoft Access database to your website using php?I know it can be done using asp, but just wondering if you could do it with PHP 5. If so can you use post to get data from the user into the precreated database.EDIT: aslo if it was possible would I store the database file on the host :S or my pc? (unclear on how it works)Callum
  14. Had a look at that, but it's not exactly begginer friendly and the sheer amount of php on the page is daunting unlike the tutorials on the main site.just my 2c
  15. Callum

    white on black

    Black on White is ok as long as its not in huge quantities. e.g. no 600 x 600px black squares on a white backer. However red on white does strain my eyes and I think it is a bad design choice.
  16. Callum


    I second that, I'm researching the eccomerce options for my site and Paypal is definetley the most user friendly and probably most cost effectiveHeres the relevant link https://www.paypal.com/uk/cgi-bin/webscr?cm...e&nav=2.0.0
  17. HiHow about an expansion of the PHP IF statement section to cover PHP password protection? A simple exampleof how to password protect a page on a website. It is a common request among users and could be fairly usefull as well.Callum
  18. thanks , is the type necessary though?
  19. sorry to hijack this thread, but does that mean that, The email address the form sends the data to has to match the domain of your website e.g. www.google.co.uk admin@google.co.ukas opposed towww.google.co.ukgooglerock@hotmail.co.uk?Sorry for hijacking
  20. Here is my first site upgraded to look much nicer. Some parts still need finishing such as the Gigs and Music Section, but currently we have no gigs or recordings. Also I am aware that I should use a seperate stylesheet and I intend to at a later date. Finally I need to resize the images because the page is taking too long to load.http://exitneptune.f-sw.comalso I've checked on W3 I pass the XHTML Validator and The Css one (be nice im only 15)
  21. Sorry for sounding stupid,but would it work with something like a Word document or an Excel spreadsheet? as I don't want the browser rendering these,.I want the the user to have to download it or open it so it opens in the appropriate the office based programThanks Callum
  22. You know when you download a file off of the internet, a download box appears, how do you make one of them? woud it be in html?If so could somebody direct me to a few tutorials in how to make a download boxThanksCallum
  23. Callum

    XHTML worries

    Sorry for sounding arrogant, but due to school work I don't really have time to test the host. I prefer using xhtml over html, but short awnser, am I going to encounter problems if I do all my design in xhtml rather html, when the majority of viewers are using IE 5 or 6?(bearing in mind it works fine in IE when just displaying the file from hard drive)sorry for sounding arrogant,oh and finallly would it take much work to convert my work from xhtml to html?Callum
  24. Hi,I was reading an article and it said that internet explorer offered no support for xhtml and neither did web hosts. This worried me because I'm using xhtml at the moment.Is this true, because it works fine in IE7? I havn't uploaded the pages to a host yet, but will xhtml be viewable for web visitors using oldish browsers (2002 earliest)Finally, Is this why adobe Dreamweaver Cs3 and Frontpage don't recognise the code I enter? and in the design tab, just display some of the code I entered in the code tab :S ?thanks for your help.
  25. Callum

    Css multiple floats

    Ok, Im still a newbie to CSS and html and am learning the float property. Currently have some Firefox issues with multipe floats and having internet explorer issues centering it. Ideally I would like all the content centered with a float either side.The deal is, in Internet Explorer both floats work fine ( they are either side of the text ), however it is not centering any of the items.However in Firefox, Only the float right is displayed next to the text, the other is undeneath the text. However this content is centered.I've probably made some stupid mistake can anyone tell me whats wrong?He
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