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  1. yeah i needed to document.write() it...thanks guys
  2. YOU POST SOME CODE!ok no seriously you always help me out so thank you, but i never have the files accessable when i have internet connection(school computer..no flash drives allowed...its like an assignment/test situation)
  3. When i call a function, it takes away my background color. I tried using the style tag right in the function, but my program stopped running altogether
  4. I wrote a script that, when i test it, causes my computer to alert me that it is cause internet explorer to run slowly and that if i continue this my computer may become unresponsive. Is there anyway to handle this other than to rewrite the script?Thanks
  5. wow i totally missed it when you suggested it but im pretty sure you were right. i think i had a line break in the array values because i just started from scratch and redid the whole thing and it is working right now. and now that i think back im pretty sure i recall one in there. Good Call. Thanks
  6. Right Right i didnt see them sorry. I didnt really use much css, just to set the background and link colors. all the images values are just files paths that i dont really want to post to be honest but i dont see why they would change anything. I am using though Dreamweaver which might automatically change things to different defualts.I tried setting them to inline but they stopped showing up all together. is there something else I need to add for this to work?
  7. Alright so I have an array that holds the code to display certain images and I want to display them four or five across.I have tried all of the following ways and they all display both pictures, but on new linesdocument.write(images[0], images[1]);------------------------------------------document.write(images[0] + images[1]);-----------------------------------------display = new String(images[0], images[1]);document.write(display);--------------------------------------------display = new String(images[0] + images[1]);document.write(display);
  8. well or the keyboard for that matter....it reads data into a program i guess is the best way to sum it up
  9. hmmmm thank you very much ill give it a try....the scanner class enables you to work with files on your computer
  10. Well I originally wrote the program in Java because that is the language I am most familiar with. But yes all of the code is now in JavaScript. The conversion went smoothly until i could not find anything to function as the Scanner class does.
  11. I wrote a program in java that i want to put in a website but not as an appletThe program uses files on my computer. I tried using AJAX but it didnt work because i need methods from the scanner clas like next() and nextLine().Is there a way to do this with javascript or some other language?Thanks,Carlos
  12. I wrote a program in java and now need to integrate it in a browser, and not as a Applet.The program uses other files and I need a way to access them. I tried using AJAX but it didnt work out because i needed methods like next() and nextLIne(). Basically i need a replacement for the Scanner class.Ive tried a lot of things and I dont even know what language i will have to use to do what i want so i figured id post it here and hope for some coding master to come save me Mucho Grascias,Carlos
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