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  1. So I pushed this iteration live to www.ipodxtras.com!I am thinking for the next iteration of development I will try adding paging to product listings and experiment with the location of the iPod Dock.Any thoughts?@NatechsThank you for the kind words - I will certainly try.
  2. Hello everyone,I have been working on the next update to my webstore and am hoping you can give me some feedback and share your thoughts on my work.The NEW staging and test site with all the redesign tweaks is here: Staging iPod Xtras Site - The current version is here: iPod Xtras - http://www.ipodxtras.comI have been trying to make the site easier to use. The product pages are completely new - as are the create account and login page.Please share any thoughts good or bad about the redesigned site!Thank you for your help.
  3. Site Name: iPod XtrasSite Description: All the iPod accessories you could ever need under one roof.Site Owner/Developer: I - smwald.Site Address: htt://www.ipodxtras.comExtra Comments: Feedback is always welcomed.
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