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  1. Thanks for the advice - I think my sitemaps are fine and I HAVE already submitted them to google - it states that there are no errors BUT there is no site information at present.The funny thing is that 2 days after i made the site live it listed one of my pages in second space (given with 5 key words used in search term):THEN it dropped off the web???? confused the ###### out of me.I have also just registered for analytics - feelings.Thanks again.
  2. This forum is to provide web site creators with the insight and expertise to enable them to create effective xml sitemap documents to get listed in Google.I am having trouble at the moment with the following site:http://www.3dbuildersandlandscapers.net63.net/It is felt that by posting soloutions and examples of good sitemaps on this forum that all web cretors can benefit - not least me. So I hope that you have the answers and are willing to document them in this essential topic of becoming listed on Google.Further information to help with the discussion: Click here to see my current xml sitem
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