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  1. Thanks Ingolme, images could well be the problem here. What would be better to use than DOMContentLoaded in this instance?
  2. Printing to the console shows the div and browser height as the same, despite some of the content of the div spilling out of view. It is almost like it is treating min-height as max-height. Are there possibly some compatibility issues with using 100vh and javascript getBoundingClientRect()?
  3. Hi there, I am trying to check whether a div overlaps the browser height using getBoundingClientRect().height and comparing it to window.innerHeight: css #container { min-height: 100vh } JS document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", function() { let landingScreen = document.getElementById('container') let getHeight = window.innerHeight let landingHeight = landingScreen.getBoundingClientRect().height if (landingHeight <= getHeight) { do this } else { do that } } However this doesn't seem to always return accurate results. sometimes it considers the div to be the height of the window, even when content is clearly overlapping. Is there a more robust way of achieving this? Thanks
  4. Hi there, I am new to all this so please bear with me! I am hoping it is something obvious missing in the code. I am using 2 jquery date pickers in one page, and hoping so that when a date is selected in the first, it disables that selected date in the second calendar. Here's what I have: <form onSubmit="return UpdateDeliveryOptions()"> <input class="input" id="disableDate" value="Date to disable"> <input type="submit" class="button is-medium is-primary" value="Save"> </form> <div id="customerCalendar"></div> jQuery(function($) { let disabledDates = []; function UpdateDeliveryOptions() { dateValue = document.getElementById('disableDate').value disabledDates.push(dateValue) return false }; $("#disableDate").datepicker({ }); $("#customerCalendar").datetimepicker({ beforeShowDay: function(date) { let string = jQuery.datepicker.formatDate('yy-mm-dd', date); return [disabledDates.indexOf(string) == -1] }, timeFormat: 'HH' }); }); I have no backend to save to, so I read I needed to add 'return' the where the function was called, and 'return false' to the function to stop the page refreshing and losing everything. When I hit 'save' there is a flash of an error message in console, but is too quick to read what it says. All I can see is it isn't working. Does this sort of function need to convert the array to JSON to work? Or is there a way to make this work as it is? Help appreciated, thanks in advance.
  5. I have a load of data coming from the database, of which I have not control of. When it comes in I am putting it in an html table. I have set up a basic if statement: If it is a blank field, show 'NA'. If not, show the figures in an input that a user can edit. The trouble I am running into is if a user backspaces the characters in the input, it then of course beomes the static text 'NA', but I need it to remain an input! What can I do in this scenario to prevent this from happening? I am using Vue.js, below is what I am using: <div v-if="item.value === ''"> NA </div> <div v-else> <input class="input is-small" v-model="item.value"> </div>
  6. Hi there, I am new to Javascript, and finding displaying date and time confusing. I am using new Date().toLocaleString() ...which is perfect, however I am trying to remove seconds on the end as these are not relevant. How do I achieve this? Thanks
  7. ben03

    vh + rem

    Hi there, I am hoping to create a container that starts part way down a page, and fills out the majority of space below it (minus some padding before the footer). I wrote the following: min-height: calc(100vh - 15.44rem); The rem size is the 247 pixels above and below that it isn't to fill out. This works, until the base font size is increased. Is there a solution to keeping this the correct min height? I could have just written the px value, but the elements above are rem sized as well so these will push the container down when the base font size is increased. Hope that makes sense? Thanks
  8. Thanks for this, I found adding the width directly to the cell class caused cell height to play up sometimes though. Is there any way of telling a cell to collapse around an element with a fixed width inside it or does this sort of thing not exist? thanks
  9. Thanks dsoneuk, I tried changing the span a div but am getting the same results?
  10. Hi there, I have been trying set a width of the last column in a table to 200px. <div class="table"> <div class="table-row"> <div class="table-cell">data</div> <div class="table-cell">data</div> <div class="table-cell"><span>data</span></div> </div> </div> .table{display: table;} .table-row{display: table-row;} .table-cell{display: table-cell;} .table-cell span{width: 200px;} Setting .table-cell:last-child to 200px causes strange behaviour with the height of the cells (this matters as a certain row is highlighted). Setting a width on the span solves the cell height issue, but the table still distributes the available space to each column evenly, so the last column is its natural width, plus 200px making it pretty wide. Is there a way to stop this last column filling out and remaining at 200px? Thanks.
  11. I did not realise that. Sorted. Thank you dsonesuk!
  12. Hi, Can you use 'a' and 'a :focus' as conditional to hide/show another element? The following doesn't seem to work. Is it likely to with some re-working, or is this a no-no? a + span{display: none;} a:focus + span{display: block;} <a>Anchor</a><span><input /></span> Thanks
  13. I was wondering if there was a CSS property and value that could be given to containing divs to keep them expanding with the content that I didn't know about. The problem I am experiencing is when a div has overflow-x set to visible, the overflowing content is visible, but the background cuts off at the point where you start scrolling. display:inline-block; seemed to solve it when given to the container, but then caused errors for the table it contained which stayed collapsed at its minimum width as opposed to filling the space when div was expanded (the div in question is a re-sizeable draggable pane). Is there a way of solving this I am unaware of? Help much appreciated.
  14. Thanks for the pointers, much appreciated
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