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  1. Say I want to change an XML file then use it afterwards.Is it faster to load it, change it (not necessarily with DOM), write back to file, then open it as DOM Doc...Or to load, change it, convert to readable string and convert to DOM document?I am wanting to do a change that involves more than what the DOM offers...
  2. I use 000webhost. That's the one I know. Has PHP, Perl, MySQL (5 db), cPanel, FTP, 2 file managers (browser), phpMyAdmin, and auto-installer for Wordpress, Joomla, phpBB...Have tried another before, don't remeber, sounded a bit like 'Zydyn' or something. I left it because of bad uptime (sometimes up to a week not working).
  3. Look there first http://www.w3schools.com/JS/default.asp
  4. You'll never get anywhere if you dump everything you consider too hard, or too long to do.I remember visiting it a while ago and liked it (too pink but, anyway), but now it's all gone with that:Warning: mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /home/anmansplace.co.cc/index.php on line 37???
  5. Being constructive is the the point of this forum, so let's go: First, it might just be my browser, but it seems to me that the background does not need to be fixed to the page, but as it is very repetitive, you might just want to fix it to the window. It helps relief a bit of rendering to the browser... smooth scrolling... Second, I'd do the nav buttons a bit larger, and try not to change them so much on hover. Just changing the bgcolor will be enough to be remarked. For some absurd reason, the links change color on hover and stay so. Try to fix that? I think there is a font color and positi
  6. I like it! but I'm stuck on Level 9: 4. However, I managed to unriddle Level 8 using the source code...Good job !
  7. I'd say:Use HTML <!-- comments --> for HTML-related commenting, and // PHP /* */ Comments for php-related commenting.It doesn't matter if php comments do not show up in client side source code, as any developer having to work with the php source will get the files from the server and therefore get the comments in plain.Just my thoughts
  8. Wow. OK, thanks. I'll test that right now. Thx again !
  9. Nice re-look.Do you really need the login box on the side? I mean, do you have any registered users except you?If you don't, you could try removing it. And to still have quick access to it place a hard link in x-small in your style's footer...
  10. Hi allI was coding a php page that has to display some XML and I found out that I still hadn't found a simpler way to print values using XPATH.What I'm using: <?php $nodes = $xp->query("/calendar/year[@year = '$year']/month[@month = '$month']/days/day[@day = '$day']/color"); foreach ($nodes as $node) { print $node->textContent . " "; } ?> What I want to do... something like, define a function once, then calling it with the parameters... looks better and i'm less capable of errors this way.I haven't coded for a while (enjoying my summer holidays), but I do remember having spent ho
  11. global.user


    Try the PHP reference : http://www.w3schools.com/php/func_http_header.asp
  12. More like the inverse: <noscript><a ref ... /></noscript>Proof read it, cause i'm not so sure... I haven't really used it either
  13. For the submit button I don't know (& i'm pretty tired)shouldn't document.getElementById("submit1").src = "images/image1/Next-2.gif";be in the IF not in the ELSE ?
  14. The align attribut may be said deprecated, and it is in XHTML Strict, but it still exists in Transitional (I know, I read the DTD). So use align and use T if the method of Synook doesn't work (didn't for me).
  15. No one said it ?Big and slow.
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