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    Stored Procedure

    I have a table: Named HighScores "INSERT HighScores VALUES ('Bob', 2500, '2 Jan 2013 13:13'), ('Jon', 1500, '2 Jan 2013 13:15'), ('Amy', 3500, '2 Jan 2013 13:18')" I want to create a stored procedure that would: The score must show the TOP 5 or so people. Show your position on the high score board Show the person in front and below you on the high score board. If the scores are tied, the person who got it the most recent is shown higher. Can anybody assist me please?
  2. Im am trying to do this SQL code; CREATE DATABASE AdventureWorks2012 ON (FILENAME = '{drive}:\ {file path}\AdventureWorks2012_Data.mdf') I am getting the following error when i run it: Msg 1036, Level 16, State 2, Line 1 File option NAME is required in this CREATE/ALTER DATABASE statement. My file location is: '{c}:/AAPOLLIS-M/Users/aapollis/Downloads/AdventureWorks2012_Data.mdf') What am i doing wrong? Running on SQL Server 2014(free or trial version).
  3. yrstruly


    Hi Any of you on here Teradata 14 Certified? Im trying to get certified. Have all the prescribed study material and also purchased the app. Failed the exam twice as its very difficult to pass and also including questions which are not in the study metrial, but are in the exam. Anybody point me in the right direction,tips etc?
  4. Have tried the phpadmin, how do i import @Q3? Pls provide me with examples or links also API @Q4?
  5. Repeat schedule
  6. Pls assist with last question of task?
  7. Pls see my last Questions and correct me if that link are suitable to search for answers on single query and index?
  8. will this www.w3schools.com/sql/sql_create_index.asp be sufficient to apply index and single query statement, also point 3 i dont understand or know where to search for?
  9. This for a different non academic assigment, text book explains differntly.
  10. Have no clue how to even start this...
  11. I dont know how to design the tables and combine as it is required?
  12. Does Anybody have a SQL code that does the following ones of or is it done in parts?1. DB Schema Design - Design a basic database to store the following information + A fleet of Vehicles - Include details such as mileage, vin numbers etc + A pool of drivers - Include relevant documentation, e.g. Drivesr license, ID Book + A group of routes - Marking out GPS coords for directions etc. is not necessary, just include a start & end address as well as any other info you believe to be pertinent + A drivers schedule, tying the above 3 tables together
  13. Does Anybody knows how to do the following,API's and Indexes etc?CREATE TABLE ¿tUSER¿ ( ¿id¿ bigint(20) NOT NULL AUTO§INCREMENT, ¿id§number¿ varchar(20) NOT NULL, ¿first§names¿ varchar(100) NOT NULL, ¿last§name¿ varchar(100) NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY (¿id¿), <<INDEXES>>)CREATE TABLE ¿tPROFILE¿ ( ¿id¿ bigint(20) NOT NULL AUTO§INCREMENT, ¿tUSER§id¿ bigint(20) DEFAULT NULL, ¿tTYPES§id¿ bigint(20) DEFAULT NULL, ¿value¿ varchar(100) NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (¿id¿), <<INDEXES>>)CREATE TABLE ¿tTYPES¿ ( ¿id¿ bigint(20) NOT NULL AUTO§INCREMENT, ¿type¿ varchar(100) NOT NULL DEFAULT '', ¿description¿ varchar(255) NOT NULL, ¿deleted¿ tinyint(1) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', PRIMARY KEY (¿id¿), <<INDEXES>>) Apply indexes to the above tables, and design a SINGLE query to retrieve a full list of user information based on: 2.A) an ID number 2. a cellphone number (¿Cellphone¿ is a record in the ¿tTYPES¿ table)3. Write a re-usable script for importing information into the above 3 tables, from the example dsv file below: - NB - All data of the same type MUST be stored in the same format - NB2- You may assume that if a column doesn't seem to exist for a piece of data, that data type is listed in the tTYPES table<<BOF>>record§numberöid§numberöfirst nameölast nameömsisdnönetworköpointsöcard numberögender312ö9101011234011öTest JunioröSmithö071 123 4321öMTNö73ö1241551413214444öM313ö9012023213011öBoböSmithö27743334321öVodacomö3ö1231233232323244öM314ö8706055678011öFranköFrankinsonö2771 156 1567ö8taö0ö1231123453214444öM315ö9102078765011öMaryöVan Niekerkö+27(0)711236677öCellCö2ö1278933213214444öF316ö9005074545011öSusanöWilsonö0821121124öCellCö705ö1231233216544444öF317ö9101013232011öKatherineöJeevesö+271233214ö8taö112ö1231233678214444öF318ö9101011234011öMatthewöMatthiasö0711111111öMTNöö1231555213214444öM319ö9103126666011öMichaelöBayö085-6122-161ö8taö63ö1231244413214444öM320ö7506023232300öTyroneöOlivierö711234322öCellCö89ö1234563213214444öM321ö8901020304055öBurtöJacksonö071 4566544öVodacomö1ö4567233213214444öM<<EOF>>4. After the data has been imported, Write a basic API to wrap the Database. Include the following function points: - Add a new User - Update a User's details - Delete a User - Search users5. Describe what the following bash statement does: grep ¿date +%Y-%m-%d --date='1 day ago'¿ /path/to/file/FILE§PREFIX§Ö¿date +%Y%m%d --date='1 day ago'¿.dsv ö grep -v 'ERROR' ö cut -d "ö" -f 2 ö sed 's/Ü0/27/'------------------------------------------------PART II: Interesting Stuff------------------------------------------------1. If a resturaunt serves: - 3 types of starters - 5 types of main - N types of drinks - 3 types of desserts + How many different meals are available, if you can order 1 item of each type? + How many different meals are available, if you can order 1 item of each type, BUT you can order 2 drinks as long as you do not order the same drink twice? + How many different meals are available, if you can only order a dessert OR a starter?2. If you need to profile 1000 users, each with 3 different attributes, and each attribute has 4 possible values - before parsing any of the date: + What can we guarantee about the resultset?3. A wild director appears. He uses "I want to profile my user database using an additional attribute!" - Describe a ¿super-effective¿ method which we can implement, which will allow us to handle an indeterminate number of this type of request.4. If we have two seperate tables, the first detailing a list of registered club members, and the second detailing a list of competition entrants (assuming we have a key we can join on), what do/could the following resultsets represent: - The INTERSECT of the tables - The MINUS of the tables - The UNION of the tables
  14. Hi Im having trouble creating a database via php and selecting it.Can anybody help me? <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd"><html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml" xml:lang="en" lang="en"><head> <meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" /> <title>Create the Database</title></head><body><?php // Script 12.3 - create_db.php/* This script connects to the MySQL server. It also creates and selects the database. */$connection = mysql_connect ("sql106.byethost17.com", "b17_13305510", "musica");// Attempt to connect to MySQL and print out messages:if ($dbc = @mysql_connect('sql106.byethost17.com', 'b17_13305510', 'musica')) { print '<p>Successfully connected to MySQL!</p>'; // Try to create the database:$sql="CREATE DATABASE myblog"; if (mysql_query($connection,$sql)){// if (@mysqli_query($dbc,'CREATE DATABASE myblog' )) { print '<p>The database has been created!</p>'; } else { // Could not create it. print '<p style="color: red;">Could not create the database because:<br />' . mysql_error() . '.</p>'; } // Try to select the database: if (@mysql_select_db( $dbc,'myblog')) { print '<p>The database has been selected!</p>'; } else { print '<p style="color: red;">Could not select the database because:<br />' . mysql_error($dbc) . '.</p>'; } mysql_close($dbc); // Close the connection.} else { print '<p style="color: red;">Could not connect to MySQL:<br />' . mysql_error() . '.</p>';}?></body></html> help me here?
  15. I have included all of the codes and password in the previous posting.
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