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  1. Dear all friends please help me i have installed coldfusion but when i try to open this it ask me web server please help me how to install web server with coldfusion
  2. Dear all members i want to use external java script through .js file please any one give me some example that how to make .js script file and how to connect it with html document and also tell me how to call java script function through the .js file please help
  3. Dear Deirdre's Dad,Now there is no need to post the that codes because it works for me with ie7 and also with with firefox and i need marquee technique for make marquee center and i am posthing the marquee codes here please help me to make marquee center.code :<html><head><title>XXX</title></head><body bgcolor="black"><table width=70% height="100%"align="center"> <tr align="center"> <td><font size="7" color="red" align="center" face="Tahoma">XXXXXXXXX</font><br><font color="red" size="4" face="Tahoma">XXXXXXX</f
  4. very very thanks my friend it work with firefox and google chrome browser but it does not work with internet explorer 7 please tell me how it work with internet explorer 7
  5. heloo all respective members!i want to know that how to call two java script function on one html eventmy problem is i want to call two javascript function on onLoad event at a time when the page loadplease help me regarding this..and also i want to know how to marquee make align=center if its direction is down please help
  6. dear all members,i am new here and i want to learn complete flash with its scripts please help me how can i start flash i have adobe flash cs4 tell me how can i start learning fristly what can i do
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