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  1. Hello all,I am going crazy trying to figure this out. I have a image used as a water mark in the top left corner of my blog page. Only problem is that when I first go to the page everyday it shows the image as broken, once I reload the page though it loads the image.....Here is the URL to the blog...I have the image hosted on my own hosting package from network solutions, could it be my server going crazy?http://www.blogcargodesigners.blogspot.com/Thank you all for your help!
  2. Ah, thanks for clearing that up for me, I keep getting confused from the tutorials I read on the web.One minute there teaching me XHTML the next minutes its XML!!
  3. I was ready tutorials on W3Schools and they show how to use CSS with XHTML but say its not the recommened way and to use XSLT.My question is are there going to be any problems using CSS instead of XSLT with XHTML?Also, I just barely looked over XSLT, is it a lot better than CSS?-Vyse
  4. Hello,I am learning XHTML. I am wondering what you all recommend as the best way to layout the web page in.I mean with HTML I use div's. With XHTML are div's still the best way to layout a site? Or is anything new thats part of XHTML thats better?Thank you,-Vyse
  5. Hhhmm I can see your points about the WYSIWYG editors. But I think the purpose of this thread was lost some where. My real questions was what PHP scripts are you guys using do implment membership systems and comment leaving scripts.Also, I would greatly appreciate it if you could review my sites code etc. and let me know if I'm missing or messing up on something fundamental....http://www.interceptwebdesign.com
  6. When you say WYSIWYG do you mean that fact that dreamweaver isn't dynamic? I start all of my site designs from sctrach in Dreamweaver. Do you mean don't use a template? Why wouldn't you want to use a WYSIWYG editor?I think a couple years down the future the only thing I will be using dreamweaver for is to layout some DIV's and generate the CSS quickly. When you build your own stuff do you just write the code in a notepad or do you use a editor?Please bare with me, as I can make a web page but I don't know a lot of the fundamentals.
  7. Hello,I'm just getting started learning dynamic pages. How is a good way to implement a login/membership system, a comment system (like a blog where you can leave comments), and a admin area only.I guess my questions is do you all use open source eninges like wordpress or do you hand put your code together? I am good at making pages in dreamweaver and would like to be able to implment these things into the pages I make instead of using a open source engine....I fully undestand that I would need to setup a database for this.Is that how all of you would do it? Or do you guys use open source? Any
  8. Ok, thanks. I think I understand this a little better now.Just so I can get the picture in my head, Once I make the database with MySQL, how would I put it on my server? Is it simply uploading it correctly?I think I'm going to try to use that WampServer 2, it sounds a lot less complicated.Sorry, As I said, I'm a newbie at this. Thanks
  9. Hello,I've been looking into learning PHP and MySQL to setup databases. I just can't seem to get a straight answer on how this actually works though.I've downloaded PHPMyAdmin and MySQL 5.0.I guess what I'm confused about is what program does exactly what, so help me if I've got this wrong.MySQL 5.0 sets up tables for the data to be stored in and actually greats the database through the command line client or the MySQL Administrator..PHPMyAdmin is for installing the database onto a server... And then I've heard of Cpanel, but from what I can gather it just simplfies using MySQL to setup a dat
  10. Hhmmm, thats ashame.Thanks for the info.
  11. Hello, I'm brand new to these forums, I've been working with dreamweaver for 4 years and Flash for 1 month. I know that search engines like google not only look at your meta tag within your webpages but also look through the text in the document. My questions is can a search engine look through the Flash file at all to look for keywords in the text?Here is a example of my abilities with Flashhttp://02be751.netsolhost.com/site_PC/Pages/index.htmlThank you
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