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  1. it doesn't work...Neither of them.
  2. Hello i have made a popup for my website.In all the browsers exept the ie it works fine.But ie tries to download the file not to open it.The code of the popup is the following <HEAD><script LANGUAGE="JavaScript">function popUp(URL) {day = new Date();id = day.getTime();eval("page" + id + " = window.open(URL, 'New_Window', 'toolbar=0,scrollbars=1,location=1,statusbar=0,menubar=0,resizable=1,width=500,height=500');");}</script><BODY onLoad="java script:popUp('form.php')">
  3. No it wasn't send.it doesn't do anything.No errors...Nothing... Does your webserver have a corresponding SMTP server set up? i don't know...How can i check that?
  4. HelloI have create a website and i want to send from that website.The problem is that the mail function doesn't work.The code of my page is the following $to = "some@example.com";$subject = "text";$from = "my_email@example.com";mail($to, $subject, $from);
  5. HelloI know that this might be a little difficult but i am counting on you. :)I want to create a website in which the background will remain still when i am rolling the cursor but all the other things (images,texts etc) will come down or up.The up or down will depend from the cursor....I hope you will understand what i mean...If you don't please let me know
  6. HelloI have create a mysql database and i have store there some information.The problem is that i want to change some of these informations which is the same in all of my database tables.What did i mean?I guess that you haven't understand what is my problem so i am writing the following example.Let's say that the following text is into one of my database tables Today is a beautiful day And this one into one other Dog is an animal How can i change the "is" with "is not" without changing the other words?
  7. Helloi have the same probem.I want to include a file in from the root directory with name config.php into my file functions/functions_users.php but nothing of the above which you write are working.I am trying the following commandcontent of function_users.php <?phpinclude $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'].'/~kokeroulis/config.php';?>
  8. kokeroulis

    Max Function

    so if i change it to <?php$con = mysql_connect("bla","bla","bla");mysql_select_db("numebers", $con);$numb = mysql_query("SELECT MAX(id) FROM info");$max = mysql_fetch_array($numb);echo $max;?> Where id is a column name then will it work fine?
  9. Exactly.That is what i want to do.Is it able to do it only with php?
  10. kokeroulis

    Max Function

    HelloI have a database with name numbers.And i want to find the biggest value of the table with name info i use the following command but it came out an error about mysql_fetch_array... <?php$con = mysql_connect("bla","bla","bla");mysql_select_db("numebers", $con);$numb = mysql_query("SELECT MAX(*) FROM info");$max = mysql_fetch_array($numb);echo $max;?> Where is the wrong?
  11. I want to make something like this http://w3schools.com/php/php_date.asp. But instead of type the date i want to type something else after a few minutes.BUT i want this to be type after i refresh the page.So it doesn't need any javascrit....I hope you understand now....
  12. I don't want to do this with cookies.First of all if visit the above page it will type "hello"<?phpecho "hello";?> Now i want to edit this page and if i visit it, it will display the "hello" after a few minutes....I think that i have to use the command if and one other but i don't which.(I don't want to put any javascript.The "Hi" will be display after the refresh of the page.)i hope you understand now.... The above doesnt do anything, the <!-- name --> parts are comments and wont show up on the page. The 'bla bla bla' part is where you put anything you want, html code, php code
  13. HelloI want to create a page in which if someone visits it after a few minutes to write a message.And the message will remain.Also what does the following command? <!-- name -->bla bla bla <!-- end name -->
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