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  1. This works when the varPostcode is even or odd, but when I change (1235) to a value from my database (rsTest.Fields.Item("Postcode").Value), it doesn't work anymore. I tried it with CInt, but also no result. Postcode is as "text" in the db. <%varPostcode=(1235)Call OddEvenNumber(varPostcode)Sub OddEvenNumber(iNumber)If iNumber MOD 2 = 0 ThenResponse.write ("EVEN")ElseResponse.write ("ODD")End IfEnd Sub%>
  2. This is working, but the choosen option doesn't remain selected.<body><form action="" method="post"><select name="Frog" onchange="this.form.submit()"> <option value="20" selected="selected">20 x 10 cm</option> <option value="25">25 x 12 cm</option> <option value="30">30 x 15 cm</option> <option value="35">35 x 17 cm</option> <option value="40">40 x 20 cm</option> <option value="45">45 x 22 cm</option> <option value="50">50 x 25 cm</option></select></form> <
  3. Thanks,I solved it with CSS, hidden.
  4. I'am working with asp vbscript !
  5. Is there a way to preload a css-file. It concerns a css-file that's used by just one page of my site. It contains 92 fontfiles (.ttf and .eot) and is about 7 Mb. By testing it with "pingdom", it takes about 4 à 5 seconds to load the page.Or is it better to make a real preloader ?
  6. I need the width and height from an image that's in an iframe.But I can't get into the iframe. var pic = window.frames[blackgif].document.getElementById('sticker');<iframe id="blackgif"><img id="sticker" src="Crying Wolf.gif"></iframe>
  7. Hi,My function only works for the cases '10' and '15'.The prices must be shown with 2 decimals (4,00 or 6,50 or 3,25).What's wrong with the cases where I need to add a value ?The subtraction in case '10' is working fine. function getPrice(option, prodPrice) {var prodPrice = prodPrice.replace(",",".");var thePrice; switch (option) { case '10': thePrice = (prodPrice-1).toFixed(2); break; case '15': thePrice = prodPrice; break; case '20': thePrice = (prodPrice+2).toFixed(2); break; case '25': thePrice = (prodPrice+4).toFixed(2); break; case '30': thePrice = (prodPrice+5).to
  8. I don't know how it's called, but I thought that I could run it on my server so that Font2Bmp makes the bmp on the fly ?My site is made in ASP VBscript.
  9. I changed it.Also the event handler set to "onfocus" for newheight and newwidth.When you put in a new width, first you'll get "0", and you hit the tab twice, you'll get the new height.Very close to the cigar !
  10. I want to implement the "Font2Bmp" apllication on my page. My purpose : you give in a text, choose a font and when you hit the "Make" button, the application will be executed. The result has to appears on another page (or the same).Any ideas or tips how to start making this ?
  11. Sorry for that ... the 2 fields where the px appears are normaly "hidden". I made them for the calculation.I added your " || oldW & H", but now the "NaN" is back. Tried to add "Math.round" ... :)It must be a small fault, but where ?
  12. The calculation will always be "zero" because the function starts when typing one number (onkeyup).See the comments in example where text = 86 x 30 px : function calHeight(){ var newW = document.getElementById('newwidth').value; // 0 var oldW = document.getElementById('widthpx').value; // 86 var oldH = document.getElementById('heightpx').value; // 30 var newH = Math.round(newW/oldW*oldH); // 0 divided by 30, the result multiplied by 86 equals 0 document.getElementById('newheight').value = newH; // 0 Isn't there another way to let this work ? Maybe to use one field instead of two for 1 dimens
  13. Meanwhile I solved it, but now my calculation isn't working.Is it possible that it has to do with the "onkeyup's" in "newwidth" and "newheight" fields ?Maybe it isn't the right event handler ?
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