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  1. Can anyone explain how I can create an instant messenger for my website? your suggestion with the type of language to use, and some sample codes will help get started.Can anyone help?Thanks!
  2. Ok, here is what u got so far, I am unsure how to compare the numbers. Thanks if you can help. <script type="text/javascript">var studentGrade=new Array();for (var i=1; i<=10; i++){var Grade = prompt("Please enter Grade#"+i+" :","");studentGrade[i]=new Array(Grade);}for (var i=1; i<=1; i++){document.write("The highest Grade is #"+i+" : " + studentGrade[i][0] + "<br>");} </script>
  3. I need a script that will prompt the user for 10 numbers and store them in a array. then compare them to print the largest number. I wish was wasn't so lame in Javascript.Thanks for quick response guys!
  4. your a life saver... Thanks a million
  5. I am doing a project and I am required to show characters available as the user is typing in the textarea.eg. they have a maximum of 1000 characters for the textarea, as the user types the value in the "title of the textarea" decreases until the user cannot type anymore once the remaining character reaches 0.Please help. Thank you
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