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  1. Some one told me there are already one Simplified Chinese version: http://www.w3school.com.cn/Looks nice.
  2. To Ingolme: I agree with you. Even we have translator tool, but it can not do the translation every accurate. Sometimes it will mislead the beginner. So we need spend some time to do the human translation to express the meaning exactly.To Skemcin:Thanks for your information. I have sent one email to jani@refsnesdata.no. I hope I get the reply in the near future.
  3. Thank you guys to reply this topic. As you know, I didn't intend to offend anyone, especially for the w3school site owner. I just want to help him to spread the knowledge. Maybe he can set one subdomain for me, such as http://cn.w3schools.com. Is there anybody know the actual site owner's email?
  4. Hi, all,I want to check with you: Is there anybody who try to localize the w3schools? Some of my friends like w3schools very much, but their English is not very good. "If it is simplified Chinese version, I will love it more", they said.Yes, I am from China mainland. I plan to translate the w3schools to Simplified Chinese version. But not sure whether there is any copyright issue.Dear admin, could you give me your suggestion?
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