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  1. As i was testing the script by copying the following from w3schools and creating another .html: <object width="320" height="240"classid="clsid:CFCDAA03-8BE4-11cf-B84B-0020AFBBCCFA"><param name="controls" value="ImageWindow" /><param name="autostart" value="true" /><param name="src" value="male.ram" /></object> When i try open the newly created html file, I got a prompt(a yellow bar appeared below the address bar) from my browser (IE version 6) saying "....IE has restricted this file from showing active content.....". However if i allowed it manually, the page works fine and the real player controls panel works fine. On top of that, I tried copy the .html file to wwwroot folder and load it in browser as localhost (" http://localhost/file.html) but it will just hang without displaying any content.But as I load those tech documentation online, i can see the realplayer plugin working just FINE without any prompt from browser. Need some advise.
  2. How do i specified which database to create the table in, using CREATE statement ?Thanks
  3. One quick question. My page contain Chinese character. How do I display it, since i'm using notepad to design. If i paste the chinese character directly to the notepad, inside the notepad will appear as some funny characters/square boxes. But it does display the right character in the browser. But it will be rediculous to script the notepad with squareboxes everywhere. Would like to know whether is there a more proper way to display chinese character in browser.I remember i come across some encoding. Example "#82342" represent one chinese character. So all the chinese character is actually being represent with codes like "#45345". But i can't find any further info on that.Can anyone advise a little.Thanks.
  4. Dear all, Having some problem with my DB/ASP page. I'll try to make it brief. Using SQL Server 2000. Developing in ASP. Currently designing a chinese webpage. Do i need to set the datatype to "nchar/nvarchar" to store the chinese character? First, I try setting my datatype to "nchar". I paste a chinese character inside my table. The character can be view (in chinese character) inside EM. However, when I SELECT it and display in browser, it return as "????". In my <META> I try put the charset=UTF-8, still the browser display "????". Second, I try setting datatype to varchar. Paste the chinese character inside my table. EM will stored as "????". SELECT statement will also display "????" in browser.How can I tackle this problem? Thanks in advance.
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