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    HTML5 Canvas Help

    It also just crashed Chrome, which displayed a message about the script using too much memory, I think it's just looping over and never actually rendering anything. I've changed those two loops but still not working... any ideas? Thanks.
  2. driz

    HTML5 Canvas Help

    Hi I have tried that but it doesn't seem to have fixed anything. Have I changed the correct loops? (I've updated the code at http://dev.driz.co.uk/canvas/)
  3. driz

    HTML5 Canvas Help

    When I run it in Firebug it throws an error about "Cannot read property x of undefined" and then also "Cannot read property color of undefined" I think their is definitely a bug in the code but I'm not sure what the problem is.I wouldn't think it would be too hard on the processor as I had a previous version working fine before and all I have added is the gradient and also reduced the number of balls down to two so therefore it should run fine. Seems like their is a bug in the code rather than performance problem. I think the bug is also causing the app to run infinite, perhaps I don't need th
  4. driz

    HTML5 Canvas Help

    Anyone had chance to look at this yet? Thanks.
  5. Hi I have the following Canvas application: http://dev.driz.co.uk/canvas/But it's not rendering anything out. It should be showing a bunch of balls that move around the screen when the user moves the cursor.I think it's just a small bug somewhere because it was working fine in an older version here: http://dev.driz.co.uk/app/It's taking a while to load as if it's doing something but just snagging somewhere, but the code looks fine to me. After testing in Firebug the following error comes up: 'Cannot read property x of undefined on several lines mainly around the gradient creation. I have no id
  6. I'm building a simple PHP Form that will update the status of a twitter account. I have the following code, but it doesn't update my status (the username and password has been removed for this snippet) anymore because it used basic auth and twitter now requires OAuth.I have been following this tutorial here: http://ditio.net/2010/06/07/twitter-php-oauth-update-status/ and I have registered my App and copied both the Library and Tokens over (again these are removed from this snippet).BUT I'm not sure how to get this working with my current code, ie. what needs changing/adding/removing to get th
  7. Where do you find this list of input names? Also how do I get this to work with Aktive merchant ( do I even need it? or would it be easy without? )Would you be able to share some sample code to get my code talking to PayPal. Thanks
  8. Any updates? More than anything I need help getting it started such as what code to add where I've put my comment and then how to use Aktive Merchant to talk to my form and to PayPal.Thanks
  9. Hi, I am building a PHP-based form that grabs a persons contact details and asks them a question, depending on the answer they choose they can either purchase a product or they will be told they don't qualify and a sales person will be in touch. I have managed get all of this working, but now need to do the payment part. Their is only one product and the user has no options all they do is pay a fixed price and job done!I have been told to look at Aktive Merchant: http://github.com/akDeveloper/Aktive-Merchant to handle this. But their seems little documentation and I could do with some help set
  10. driz

    PHP Form with PayPal

    I don't even know where to start with this. I was hoping it was really simple to setup PayPal with a PHP form, I take it that's not the case?Basically all I want is a quick enter your details and then jump to PayPal pay the fee and land back. Can you recommend some code for that kind of functionality.
  11. driz

    PHP Form with PayPal

    Well all of it to be honest. Basically I want to use only one PHP file for the whole thing (with the exception of the PayPal areas off-site). So to break it down, upon a user entering the buy page they should see the form, and then when they hit the continue button and create the postback it should hide the form and then either show the message if they chose None from the radio button list, or send them to PayPal, this is the part I'm most stuck with as I don't want to user to have to re-enter there details on the PayPal website, I've looked at the API but I'm confused about where to go as the
  12. driz

    PHP Form with PayPal

    Hi, I'm building a PHP form that asks a user a series of questions like name, email, phone etc, followed by some radio buttons. After the user has clicked the continue button it will send this info to an email address. If user has selected None for the reseller question then they will be shown a message saying someone will be in touch, if they have selected one of the other options then they will be able to purchase the product using PayPal.I need some help sending this data over to PayPal and allowing the user to purchase the product and then sending them back to the page afterwards with some
  13. driz

    jQuery Animate

    I want to animate a div by changing it's top property like so: var loadingFrame = 1; loadingFrame = (loadingFrame + 1) % 12; // Loading animation jQuery('div.ModalLoading div').css('top', (loadingFrame * -40) + 'px'); div.ModalLoading { height: 40px; width: 40px; margin: 0 auto 20px; overflow: hidden; z-index: 1104; position: relative; } div.ModalLoading div { position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; width: 40px; height: 480px; background: url('loading.png'); } The idea is that the inner div will look like it is sliding up inside the ModalLoading div, and needs to continue infinite. At th
  14. driz

    Js Modal Help

    This is what I ended up with in the end: function JS_Utils_BuildModal () { var objModal = document.createElement("div"); var objContent = document.createElement("div"); var objP = document.createElement("p"); objModal.setAttribute('id', 'Modal'); objContent.className = 'ModalContent'; objP.innerHTML = '<img src="loader.gif" alt="loading" /><br /><br />please wait or <a href="java script:JS_Utils_HideModal();">cancel</a>'; objModal.appendChild(objContent); objContent.appendChild(objP); document.body.appendChild(objModal);
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