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  1. Now the gogu paragraph it's included in the upper div, but appears a distance between upper div and down div, it's not ok. How do I manage the problem?
  2. Hi! Why if I set a div as floating:right it goes out from it's container div. I will put the code: <html><body><div> <!-- CONTENT --><div style="background-color:red"> <!-- UPPER --><div style="float:left;"> <!-- FLOAT DIV --><p> gogu </p></div> <!-- END FLOAT DIV --></div> <!-- END UPPER --><div style="background-color:green"> <!-- DOWN --><p> cucu </p></div> <!-- END DOWN --></div> <!-- END CONTENT --></body></html> The "gogu" paragraph
  3. You say that your page from your server is right there, but how you have been accesed it , not from a link? it has it's address anyway, isn't it so? PS: And this google api search method cost money or is free?
  4. Can you exlain this thing with linking page? I don't know at what are you refere to. Thanks.
  5. Many sites have search forms integrated, inclusive w3schools, what is the most used method? google API? Because I thing is pretty dificult to register all site in a database, at least for the momment is hard to think about impementing that. Also I had saw this example http://www.w3schools.com/php/php_ajax_livesearch.asp, but I didn't covered all the subject, because it needs AJAX, JAVASCRIPT, languages that I don't know to use. But if needed... I will learn them, but I want to take the right, simpliest and reliable path. Thank you.
  6. Hi, I had made a web site with html, css and php. I'm not so experienced but I am working to that path. I had installed mysql once to this computer and I suceeded to create and to connect with database, I had modified fields, e.t.c.If I try, I think I can to do this again. My big question is: What I have to learn or to do next to be able to put a functional search box on my site? A search box that will search trough my site content and to dysplay results. Thank you.
  7. what difficult it wasit workedmany thanks ( but the image looks very nasty and I wandering why )
  8. yes, to this border I speak about, it appears just in IE, and I don't want it, how I loose it?
  9. I have a question. What is needed for a serch box who is searching words from the container site? Thank you.
  10. I have a similary problem with the image of a shoping chart, that is displayed with a unwanted background in IE6.If fou can help me I would be gratefull because I have absolutely no ideea about resolving this problem. I will attach the code. The .php: and the .css
  11. Thank you for your attention.I supposed that a container element ( a div in this case ) modifies his dimensions in concordance with his contained elements. But now I realize that I was rong. P.S.: Can you please tell me a good practice for floating on horisontal, text (elements) inside of a div without going out from this div?
  12. I have the impression that the code at #6 just enlarging the menu height background and overlapping with the list elements and I have a suspicion that the list elements aren't included in the div "big". I am right?
  13. I think that is a real deal to know what colors to use and make nice layouts. But still I don't have a clear image about the unordered list <ul>. Why the <ul>is not wraped in in the div named "big". Or with other words, why the <ul> doesn't respect that the div named "big" is the parent div for it. I observed that fact , because the background of the <ul> wasn't the same with the background of the div "big", in the momment that the list was exceeded the border limits.
  14. you modified the color for the div "menu" ? but I don't understand why?
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