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  1. jarrett000


    I know how to write a submited text into a .txt file with fwrite(), but my problem is that when a user inputes their name and the PHP writes it into the file, ir erases the old name.Here's my script: $FNN = fopen("NameLog.txt", "r"); $read = fread($FNN, 1024); fclose($FNN); $FNN = fopen("NameLog.txt", "w"); fwrite($FNN, $name); fclose($FNN); All I need to do is have this happen without erasing the previous name.
  2. If you're using the header method yes, there is a special place. You have to have that code as the very first thing on the entire page, or you'll get that error. Don't even leave a blank line before it.
  3. jarrett000

    User Registry

    very helpful, thanks alot.
  4. jarrett000

    User Registry

    In a few of the new page designes and website ideas I'm working on I came up with a great onw, but I need a user registration/login type thing. I've been to a few tutorial sites and even eventually resorted to looking for a copy/paste code but no matter what I did it never worked because there always problems with the code or me not understanding any of it. If anyone could help me with the registration form please help.
  5. Incase you don't want to read a large paragraph it just looks at your HTML and makes sure it follows all of the XHTML rules, if it dosen't it will correct you and even offer you a corrected version of your page.
  6. jarrett000


    Hello again, I'm having just a bit of a problem with a RegExp function that dosen't work. The goal of the function is to redirect and alert the user if the information they put into the text box contained "<". Reason being I want to prevent the use of HTML in that text box. Here's the java script: function RegExp() { var Expression = new RegExp("<"); var Location = document.form.enterN.value; var Test = Expression.test(Location); if (Test=="true") { var r = top.location="http://www.google.com/"; alert("Your name may not contain < (less than symbol). Please re-enter your name without it."); }} And here's the form: <form method='get' id='form'><p id='black'>Name</p><input type='text' id='enterN' class='Feild' /> <input type='submit' value='Enter' class='Feild' onclick='RegExp()' /></form> Any help at all would be appreciated
  7. jarrett000


    Thanks, that'll help alot.
  8. jarrett000


    I learned the JRegExp function and found it to be quite useful. My question is simple: Is it poaaible to use RegExp or anything similar in PHP?
  9. Ik spreek nederlands heel goed, maar het begrip is moeilijk te begrijpen. Leg de gegevens met instructies uit zodat een gebruiker het punt en gebruik beter kan begrijpen.
  10. I wanted to add a menu that displays once you hover over (or click on) an arrow beside the image-link. I achieved the menu part by simply displaying a hidden floating div through JS. The problem is that even though i've put a float: center into its CSS it still moves all the content below it down. Could anyone help me display it without moving content?My Code: <html><head><script type="text/javascript">function showDiv() { if (document.getElementById) { document.getElementById('menu').style.visibility = 'visible'; } else { if (document.layers) {document.menu.visibility = 'visible'; } else {document.all.menu.style.visibility = 'visible'; } } }</script><style type="text/css">div.menu {visibility:hidden;float: left;}</style></head><body><img src="/images/linkOne.jpg" alt="AN IMAGE" onmouseover="showDiv"><div class="menu"><a href="PageOne.php">First page</a><a href="PageTwo.php">Second Page</a></div></body></html> I put this in HTML/XHTML because it concerns both a JS and a CSS perspective so I couldent decide which was the more suitable topic.
  11. I simply joined because there are some things that arent on the lessons but I would like to learn, so I ask here.
  12. I'm using <!--[if IE]><script type="text/javascript">location.href = "http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/firefox.html";</script><![endif]--> So I wouldent know why that would happen.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for the input, I agree with you mostly, and I'll probably change those things here soon.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I honestly had no idea you could do that, I messed around with it and saw you could enter anything you want pretty much. I think I'll prevent that by returning the form false if any sort of greater or less than symbol is included in the box.
  13. jarrett000

    [wip] My Site

    ooooh, thats smart
  14. jarrett000

    [wip] My Site

    I like the site, it looks nice. I went to all the JS, CSS, and image pages to study how you put together with the divs and whatnot and came up with a question:Unless I'm reading it wrong you're table has no transparency or opticacy setting and yet its clearly transparent. How have you done this effect? I was looking for a site similar to this to collect information for my own site so I would really like to know how the transparency was done. I know how to make a div transparent but yours is kind of different and I can't quite put my finger on it. It's very interesting.
  15. You don't HAVE to enter you're name, the links to all the pages are there thats so I can adress you personally as opposed to "welcome user" I can say "welcome synook", its optional unless you want the information page. I know the nav bar is messed up but I don't know why, I deleted the css for the bar and then pasted it all back on the index and that fixed but I have no idea why. If you are able to tell me that would be nice I've read over it several times. As for people in enterprise enviroments, frankly, I don't care whatsoever I like firefox so if you're using IE deal with it and dl FF.
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