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  1. Well, that certainly is useful, but not excatly what I need. As you asked before, I need the scripts to do it automaticaly.What I need is the TrResult value to be stored straight into my hardisk as a .TXT file. TrResult actually contains a few lines of text, because its used to store a translation between lenguajes. While choosing a name for the file would be ideal, I dont mind to use a preset file to save the results (as long as it doesnt overwrite whatever is already stored). If you still dont know exactly what I want, you could share some code to save the contents of a texbox inside a specific text file (either on html or php), and I would be much in your debt.
  2. Since im still new to PHP , I'd like to know how to save the contents of a textbox or the following return value TrResult inside a notepad text archive in C:/ <form name="SourceOfTranslation" action="http://www.systranet.com/systran/net" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data" id="SourceOfTranslation"><input type="hidden" name="s" value="TrResult">Any ideas?I would also apreciate some code to name the text archive and choose a path to save it .
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