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  1. I'm trying to put a bunch of images into a page on my website and I want to use this simple CSS photo Gallery photo gallery I've got far enough to where I copied the code for the images and the CSS style into my code in dreamweaver. I resized all the photos I want to put into this. I save the photos in my images folder within my rootsite folder on my hdd. When I replaced the image in the code that I copied with my image it didn't work at all. Basically it just screws up the code and puts text where the numbers are.
  2. Trotun, THanks man, I love drawing. probably need to draw more than I do now. Drawing portraits is fun because you are getting someones facial expression in a 2dimensional surface. While it is very time consuming with my method of drawing it brings a mode of relaxation.
  3. Woah, I have so much to learn. Thanks for this information though. I do kind of understand what you are saying. How do you know if your using a strict doctype? Where do you choose strict doctype?
  4. Hey Trotun, thanks, taller than most people i guess. Its actually nice because I never look down at anyone. I play basketball - behind my dorm in the fenced in court. I'm a senior next yr at my University. One more year and i'm done with this college. Looking forward to be free and independent and working. Graphic design is my major but my real hobby and hopefully my career one day is drawing and illustrating characters. I'm really into drawing now. i draw almost everyday. Yeah I got a DA account, don't have that much up but i do have some pencil portraiture on there. Its deviantart.com/artist
  5. That could very well be, I'll check my DTD next time i start a new website. What is quirks mode by the way? Not familiar with that term. Thanks a bunch.
  6. Yeah, I also am aware of the different colors of the logo rollover in FF and IE. Its normal in FF but not normal in IE. I'm not sure why that does that and wasn't deliberate. It is odd and wierd. I don't know enough to go into the code and fix things like that. You don't see a prob in IE? On the Jeremy Gordon Profile in IE the rollover text buttons at the top of the home page dont even show unless you roll over them then they show. But you don't know that they are there unless you accidentally roll over them with the mouse. And the other one the spry menu is all wacko in IE which shoves the su
  7. Hi webweavers and webdesigners!Full name: Daniel LucasAlternative name(s): lucas, talldan, chill dan, stretch, DanBirth date(dd/mm/yyyy): 5/9/86 = 23 yrs oldGender: male Zodiacal sign: I guess Taurus, don't really care about zodiac signsCountry of residance: US of ACity of residance: West LibertyHeight: 6'8" not still growingWeight: 195 or moreEyes: hazel coloredHair: dark brownSmoking/Drinking/Drugs: no sir/ yes / maybe :)Favourite Music: psychadelic trance, rock, rap, hiphop, r&b, bob dylan, Jimmy hendrix, pink floyd, ICPFavourite Movies: Red Dawn, Rise of the Reeker, Watchman, blah blah
  8. I have a couple experimental websites here that I need a little bit of help with. Here is a link to the first one Visit My WebsiteThe problem with that one is when I'm in internet explorer the rollover words don't show up. They are pseudo class rollovers. I'm just wondering what i'd have to do to make them visible when you're not rolled over them in IE. In firefox and other browsers they show up fine. Here's a link to the second website art websiteIn this website I have a problem with the spry menu bar which looks all crazy in IE, For example the drop down menus are at the top left. I have no
  9. lucas22

    My web site

    You call yourself good at webdesign? I say you've got some basic html code down but you don't really have the artistic side down. Work more with graphics and stuff and spruce it up. Then I'll go back on and look at it again.
  10. The main things that got the red flag ...1. Buttons are way too large (smaller nav buttons the better)2. Blue text is hard on eyes to read (maybe use white or cream colors for text on top of the dark background.3. Content is lacking. 4. Header is too large (H1)I think you have a nice design going there though. Just keep working on it, that's the only way to learn.
  11. lucas22


    You can get royalty free stock images at www.sxc.hu and all you have to do is sign up with a free account and they have quite a large quantity of free images. But in my opinion, investing in a good nikon or sony alpha would benefit you much much more so you can take your own pictures. I know you might not have the capability to travel to other places and get the images you want, so there are places to get images for free and little cost. www.fotosearch.com/stockbyte/ is another good place to get quality images royalty free. Hope this helps brother.
  12. Wow thats cool bro, nice puzzles. I don't know what those characters are though, no clue. Too late to figure it out. Just wanted to see what it was all about
  13. Ahhh! made firefox crash and burn. I don't like that site. sorry, too much stuff.
  14. Thats really cool. I thought the user interactivity was interesting. I would have liked to see zoomed in versions of the gallery floor plans. I like it though. Very interesting and exciting. Must have taken lots and lots of work. Did you do this mostly in flash? That's awesome stuff.
  15. lucas22

    Website Layout

    Header a bit big, curve is nice, not particularly fond of pink but thats cool if you're wanting it like that. How long do you suspect it will take you to finish?
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