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  1. I have a web page with a YouTube video inside an iframe tag as follows: <iframe class = "<any class here>" id = "YTVideo" src = "http://www.youtube.com/embed/<any YouTube id>?autoplay=0"> </iframe> But I am getting an error in the Google Chrome console: Blocked a frame with origin "http://www.youtube.com" from accessing a frame with origin "http://www.mywebsite.com". Protocols, domains, and ports must match. I have tried FireFox and such an error does not appear. I will appreciate any comments. Respectfully, Jorge Maldonado
  2. The new window is a complement to the main one, it shows a form so the user is able to input additional information. This is why I do not want it to be considered a popup.I am going to try a link as you suggest.Best regards,Jorge Maldonado
  3. I am openning a new browser window using window.open() and it is detected as a popup which means that it is automatically blocked. Of course, a message is received so the user can allow popups temporarily or definetely for a site. Is there any way to open such a new window and not being detected as a popup?I need to achieve this because not all users know how to handle popups and this situation may seem that there is a problem with my site.I will very much appreciate for any workaround (or idea) to this issue.Respectfully,Jorge Maldonado
  4. I have read that the best way to design input web forms is by using CSS instead of HTML tables, but I just can't find a tutorial about this subject. I will very much appreciate if someone let me know about a source to learn such approach.Respectfully,Jorge Maldonado
  5. The function shoudl be called from a button's click event. I am passing items from one listbox to the other so when I click a button then I add the selected item in the first listbox to the second listbox.Regards,Jorge Maldonado
  6. I have a web form with 3 pairs of listboxes, 6 listboxes total. I perform exactly the same actions in a pair by pair basis so I would like to use the same function code for the 3 pairs passing 2 listboxes as parameters depending on which pair will be used. Is it possible to indicate a function that a parameter is a listbox?Please advice.Best regards,Jorge Maldonado
  7. Is it possible to open a new browser window using the "<a href" tag but keeping it simple?I would like to open a new window with only the close, minimize and maximize buttons for example and avoid menus and other icons.With respect,Jorge Maldonado
  8. I am openning a new window using the window.open() method but I want to disable the normal red "X" close button. Is this possible?Regards,Jorge Maldonado
  9. I am developing a web application and I test it with several internet browsers: Microsoft IE8, Firefox, Opera and Chrome. In such an app there is a new window (I call it a child window) that opens in certain cases but if the user clicks somewhere on the parent window then the child window goes to the back. I am using the Focus() method to bring the child window back but I see that not all of the browsers support it like IE8. What I would like is to have the child window modal so it remains in the front until the user closes it using a button. Also, I need compatibility with the internet browsers mentioned above.Please advice.With respect,Jorge Maldonado
  10. I am looking for a small and simple piece of code, I guess what MSTRANKY wrote/copied is complex. I already have done something with a few lines (5 lines) but it is not what I need. What I did is to change height and width using "document.getElementById().width" and "document.getElementById().height" but this method changes the size of the actual image and I want to display a new image as a popup as soon as the mouse gets over it and to close it when the pouse gets out.
  11. I am new to Javascript and I need to write the code to achieve the following effect. I have a catalog of items displayed on screen and each item includes an image which is also displayed. What I need to do is to display a bigger image when the mouse is on a certain image and to remove it as soon as the mouse pointer goes out. I suppose that the events I need to manage are Onmouseover and Onmouseout, what I do not know is how to detect the mouse coordinates so the bigger image is displayed around the original one; also I do not know how to display the image, I thought about "document.write" it but it is added at the end of the page. There is only one image available so I think that to get it bigger I may change the size at the moment of displaying it when the Onmouseover event is triggered.I will appreciate any help.Respectfully,Jorge Maldonado
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