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  1. Your welcome...you can add display:inline-block to make them lay out as if they are inline...but have block features. Need to also add display:-moz-inline-block; for FF2 since it doesn't have that feature yet.Inline elements can't really accept any box model things.
  2. I hope that wasn't the actual copied HTML because you are missing a quote.
  3. The only way you can change an elements type is via the display:property (or if the element is not block), via floating.General rule of thumb.Inline elements do not accept box model things..such as width, height, padding margins etc. They are fiit to sizeBlocks do-they also take up all available width.
  4. RyanReese


    I see what you are talking about..though it is in IE7.Add #page{position:relative;min-height:100%} to make it relative to that. And allow for 100% high elementsMake html{height:100%;} because you need this also because the html and body elements need height set to 100%
  5. RyanReese


    Excuse me? I checked IE6 and nothing is wrong there .
  6. RyanReese

    Need Help

    For now just keep everything in the same directory...index.htmlimage.jpgimage2.jpgJust use regular <img src="image.jpg" alt="" /> for now. Don't get into messy directories with levels and levels of submenus until you understand the structure.
  7. Well I took the CSS one.75 questions or so...took me 10 minutes and 4 seconds with 0 wrong...most worthless test ever.I'll still put it on resumes...though I would not recommend doing it.
  8. RyanReese

    Css 3

    To add to that...there is a lot of CSS3 properties available that have had their version implimented in their browsers..but you need to use the vendor prefix.-o--moz--khtml--ms--webkit-
  9. Oh you mean like an iamge inside the div but make it scroll with thediv?Set the background-attachment:fixed;
  10. RyanReese

    Centering Issues

    Just a hunch...can you post the code for those images? Seems they are AP'd by the looks of it...school blocked the site .
  11. <!doctype html><html><head><title>ess</title></head><style type="text/css">#header{ width:700px; height:100px; background:gray; border:1px solid black;}#container{ width:700px; border:1px solid black; background:red url(imageHereToRepeat.jpg) repeat-y; overflow:hidden;}#main{ width:480px; border:1px solid black; float:left; height:400px; background:lightgray; margin-right:10px;}#side1,#side2{ width:206px; background:darkgray; border:1px solid black; margin-bottom:10px; height:200px}</style></head><body><div id="header">Header<
  12. Ok just make a <div id="header">Header</div> with the fixed width.THen next make a <div id="container"> with a fixed width/ a background image wide enough to fit..and repeat it -y (make the image small vertically so it can repeat.)Then have the body div...fixed width and float it left. same thing for the right sidebar. Then again for thearea underneith.Tables aren't semantic...so yes it is "technically" wrong not to use a proper CSS structure.
  13. You can set the COLOR but it is MS proprietary, aka only on IE will it work. I generally avoid it.http://www.webdevelopersnotes.com/tips/htm...color_code.php3
  14. RyanReese

    Centering Issues

    Hey, not seeing it either..SS?
  15. RyanReese


    Oops, <!doctype html>. My bad...Anyway does that work for you?
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