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  1. Hi, I am just working my way through the CSS tutorial, I have a successful external style sheet and can change background colors etc, but cant seem to insert a background image. here is the codebody {color:sienna}p {margin-left:60px}background-image:url('C:\Documents and Settings\Evil Chris\My Documents\My Pictures\Works in progress\link.jpg')BTW the code box didn't work in this post. Anyway the image in question is called "link.jpg" I tried it without all the other documents and settings etc, maybe I should not have used a \ between the progress and the link.excuse my ignorance. Thanks.
  2. Nice looking webpage, I could not view the animated SVG clock even tho I can view all the SVG content in the w3schools tutorials.
  3. Hi everyone, my name is Chris, I am hoping to learn XHTML and CSS with a special interest in Scaleable Vector Graphics, hence the user name (Scaley Victor) I have Corel Draw and am an artist, friends with a SEO expert who wants me to learn these things so we can make top notch websites, its pretty exciting but I have alot to learn. I cant even place a SVG on the internet at the moment so that is my current battle.
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