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  1. Will look into when I get some more time.
  2. As said before. This is a school we are talking about here that has there site internally and externally.The external servers are only ISS and ASP with no front end. All I have assess to is the web space. Internally, we can do what ever we want to do, from php/asp/databases etc... but this does not help the matter.If I were doing this for my own site, then doing a database would be trying to do as we speak via the front end. If this all makes scence.
  3. Interesting posts there. I will investigate in these, esp this one.. Though the database one would be a good idea.... but externally we do not have access to this on our SWGFL server. This totally sucks.One more quick question tho.. How come on many sites that teach you to do RSS feeds explain them in a way that make you think that they just automatically update themselves according to the tags you give your text on your site.PS. Only used ASP in the site to include the main navigation bar in all the pages. Other then that no other asp is used. (due to the servers externally not supporting php. )
  4. The only problem is that the servers we have externally only support ASP. As we go via SWGFL (as we are a school). And no.. im not a teacher. This is my first ever job working in a school. Before hand I worked in the world.. :)PS... found this... cant get it to work tho http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa478968.aspx
  5. Yer thats right.I need to be able to make a script that looks for updates on my hard coded website, then gets this information, translates it into the feed.xml file automatically.Many websites do it and im surprised that everyone's hidding the code and know how.Thanks for the advice, I will look into "read/render an RSS feed using ASP",.Ill be back
  6. YES.Basically I would like the information in the news section, once added by a member of staff, to automatically be added into the RSS Feed. And if the information was to be removed from the main site, the information which was copyed into the RSS feed also gets removed.Like a clone really but one set of info is on the site, and the other on the RSS feed. (note: the information currently in the feed was in-putted by hand and was not automatically added in.)
  7. What I am trying to do is the following:1. Get the information from off a website (eg my works one) (The stuff under College News & Events)2. Then automatically, Synchronize the website content that you have specified,... to the RSS Feed.3. RSS Feed has updated information with out you lifting a finger... well apart from adding the information on the website in the first place.Tried searching on Google and also on forums and failed epicly, a bit like my spelling.Updated Website info. + script + RSS feed = Updated Website info on RSS Feed.Could some one please help me out here as im going spare and im wasting allot of time. (2 weeks and counting)
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