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  1. Safari cleared up. Apparently safari doesn't deal with CSS cascading of text-align the same way as mozilla within nested tables.
  2. Mozilla cleared up. Turned out to be a problem with the width:100%; in the .nav ul a rule. Safari still a problem - no centering.
  3. CSS SourceProblem PageIE, believe it or not, is fine. . . odd.Mozilla Firefox(win+mac) has a problem with the nav bar: the buttons extend slightly past the container. min-width won't seem to help.Safari doesn't center.
  4. I've seen plenty of javascript cascading menus to one level. Is it possible to move to 2 levels, eg. making a nav bar on the left that has: Products > Glass and Metal > Glass. So, in essence it's like in windows, where you go to file>Open Recent>blah.txt. It seems as if it aught to work. . . or would some other language be better? I can't see CSS alone handling it, and that wouldn't be compatible with IE 6/7 anyway. Oh, and speaking of, there WILL be a way of navigating even if javascript is disabled on their browsers. Thanks.
  5. Basic concept: table of product info: <table style="background-color:#000000" class="result"> <tr> <td ><strong>Item Number</strong></td> <td><strong>Plant Type</strong></td> <td><strong>Plant Name</strong></td> <td style="text-align:center"><strong>Plant Cost</strong></td> <td style="text-align:right"><strong>Flower Color</strong></td> </tr> <cfoutput query="#Search_Yes#"> <tr onmouseover='this.bgColor="darkblue"' onmouseout=
  6. I have a div layer in the center of a site with a large amount of information. It requires scrolling, however I don't want the NavBar to leave me, nor the picture required on the right side. I have seen several pieces on making JavaScript scroll bars, but none of those use the keyboard. I don't want to use frames. Therefore, I am left with only this as my answer: ask. Since it is against the character of the forum to merely offer code, point me in the right direction(maybe in the form of a well-designed tutorial). That would be amazing. Thanks.
  7. The beauty of quotations. . . thanks again guys.
  8. External Script "NavBar.js" document.write("<div class = "NavBarRight"> \ <a class = "NavBarRightText" href ="Option_1.htm" >Option 1 \ <p></p> \ <a class = "NavBarRightText" href ="Option_1.htm" >Option 1 \ <p></p> \ <a class = "NavBarRightText" href ="Option_1.htm" >Option 1 \ <p></p> \ <a class = "NavBarRightText" href ="Option_1.htm" >Option 1 \ </div> \ <div class = "NavBarLeft"> \ <a class = "NavBarLeftText" href ="home.htm" >Home \ <p></p> \ <a class = "NavBarLeftText" hre
  9. Ah! My problem was very much so in the function itself. Interestingly, if "document." is included in the visibility change, the thing stops working again. Also, a small problem occuring on Firefox and IE: as I move my mouse across the word, it flashes on and off. This is probably because every time the mouse moves it re-evaluates whether the mouse is over or out. Thanks for the help, everyone.
  10. Here is my background: self taught through dreamweaver, internet, and forced experience. Not very advanced, and I run into simple syntax problems that are assumed to be known by all tutorials. I do have a good bit of experience with programming and logic in general and am a quick study, because I do my research. Here is my code: <html><head><script type="text/javascript">function mouseOver(){test.style ="visibility:hidden"}function mouseOut(){test.style ="visibility:visible"}</script></head><body><a name="test" target="_blank" id="test" style="visibil
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