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  1. Dear sir/madamI want to upload some .aspx web pages on my host .How should I do for this job?best regardn.g
  2. Dear sir/madamI creat a web site with asp.net 2 , I want to add a flash file to my web site , I used from tag <object>,<embed>but didnot display .swf file.if it is possible for you please help me.
  3. Dear sirThis command worked compeletly correct and fortunately my problem solved .Thank you for your help .kind regard.
  4. My company is working with software with sql database, which is using for statistical purposes.In this software, we have tow tables that contain customers’ information. One of them is a list of customers (table 1) and the other one (table 2) is a list of their orders.Now, we want to extract the name of customers whom not in the second table.We used “minus operator” command to do this task, but unfortunately it did not work.Now, if it is possible for you, please help us in this case and let me know what we should do.Thank you very much. Looking forward to your reply.
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