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  1. Hey, I just opened your link and I suppose there's a solution to my problem. BUT, there is way too much text to read but what can I do else, I'll read... Thanx, you helped again
  2. Hi Scott,Well, yeah, it's obvious and thus not what I want . Somebody once told me that css supports something like implementing fonts in web-pages or sth.. I cannot afford a picture, it's too large ! And I think that I've heard of downloadable fonts too, but I can neither afford that. I don't want to trouble people downloading fonts (with a Dial-Up of course, and as I once told you, most of the people use Dial-Up here). So, it's ok.. I guess I'll end up disappointed cause if you don't know, I guess there is no such thing as..blah..blah.. CYA
  3. Yeah, dude... You need to add an additional property "display". I hope you understood the previous post, but if not, write "display:block" after the other properties. It simply makes the elements that use that css class in their own line. I wish you good luck too...
  4. I need to make a page with a particular font which is not any of the standard ones (e.g. of Windows fonts). So, I need to put the font IN the code or sth. but I don't know if css CAN do that and IF YES, HOW! If anyone is that eager to help (and I know there are such people), please do! Oh, and, if I didn't make myself clear enough..I need to put some text with a rare uncommon font and I want people to see the text as it is (with that font!!!). Please help. Thank you in advance.
  5. Hey, thanx A LOT. Man, I didn't think it's THAT simple. Anyway, I wouldn't have found it if I tried another way. I've already finished my job with the page and I don't have to worry about it in the next few days. I love helping people !!!
  6. I've got to make some links change color on mouse hover. Nothing special, only a simple color-change. I just need someone to write a code with an internal css code and a link that uses it. And why I post THIS, is because I have to do it in 3-4-5 days and I can't read the entire tutorial till then. But I can grasp it if you write a simple code. Someone PLEASE help me. Oh, and you can write come explanations if you feel like. Thanx a lot in advance. (I'm a noob, though )~don't let the school disrupt your education!~
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