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  1. This is the problem I am getting in IE.I will have to try the those z values and see if that helps me. Thanks for the feedback.Edit: Learned more about the z values and fixed it. Made my nav bar position relative with a z value of 1. Thanks again MrFish for the guidance.
  2. Hello-I just redesigned our website, www.vernalcity.org. On our main page, I included a weather gadget that I thought would be pretty handy. The problem I have is when you try to access the drop down menu close to the weather gadget, the weather gadget stays on top of the menu, making the menu unable to see. This only happens in IE, Firefox works fine. Is there a way that I can code it to make it work in IE? Any suggestions would be very helpful.P.S. I am a very inexperienced web designer, so I just used Fireworks to create the drop down menu and edit my websites in Dreamweaver.
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