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  1. Hi!!I have used onMouseOver to change images. But my question is if you can change the back ground color on a TR part of a TABLE with a onMouseOver?? If one can do that, can anyone help me with the code? <TR BGCOLOR="WHITE"><A HREF="nr1.html" onMouseOver="document.images[0].src='spelare/bilder/1_liten.JPG';"><TD>Nr 1</TD></A></TR> In the code I cange image[0] but what I want to cange is the BGCOLOR in the TR from "white" to "red"Please help me if you can. Im real new to JavaScript and cant find the code for this problem.
  2. Thank you aalbetskiYou solved the problem
  3. This is kind of important to me. Im trying to help a hockey organisation with there home page.Im helping them for free ofcourse so I dont have that much time to spend on this task as it interferes with my ordenary jobb.PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!!!
  4. Hi!Is it possible to change 2 pictures on one "oneMouseOver"?? onMouseOver="document.images[0].src='A.jpg';"onMouseOver="document.images[1].src='B.jpg';" I thought of using a function: function SecA(){ document.images[0].src="A.jpg"; document.images[1].src="B.jpg";}onMouseOver="SecA();" But I dont get that to work. Does anyone have some ideas that can help me?/Per
  5. umekille78

    New window help

    Hi all!Need some help. I have made a php page that opens a new window. My problem is that I need a scrollbar on this new page and I dont know how to add that to the page. Can anyone help me?<script> function bild(form){window.open('','Bild','height=625,width=600,status=no,toolbar=no,menubar=no,location=no,resizable=yes');form.target='Bild';}</script>print ("<form action='bild.php'><input name=submitButton type=submit value='Bild' onclick='bild(this.form)'></form> ");
  6. Hi all!I need a debugg tool for PHP. Im wrighting a program and Im having some problems with it. I have tried to debugg it manualy but that dont work. I have asked people for help but with out any luck.What I need is a good debugging tool. Does anyone know if one exists?/Per
  7. Hi again!I solved this problem my self.It was only to enable a dll file in php.ini No problem att all.Remember to enabel it in the right folder./Per
  8. Hi all!Im trying to conect my PHP page3 to an MySQL database. I use the function mysql_connect() like this: $dbHandler=@mysql_connect("localhost","name","pass")or die("No good!"); The problem is that i get a: Fattal error: Call to undefined function mysql_connect()I use PHP 5 on my computer and as far as I can tell that function is sopoused to exist.What to do?? HELP me!!
  9. Hi all!I dont get a conection or a error message when I try to conect to MySQL with PHP like this: print("1");$dbHandler=@mysql_connect("localhost","name","pass")or die("2");print("3");$DataBas=mysql_select_db("TestDB");$q="SELECT * FROM Anvandare";$a=mysql_query($q);print($a);print("4"); I added printouts of numbers to see what hapend. I only got "1". Nothing more. I have created a user in the data base TestDB with name and password. I use PHP 5 on Apache and I have installed MySQL on the same computer.What am I doing wrong. This is how my book said that I should wright the code.HELP please /Per
  10. Hi all!I just instaled MySQL on my computer. In the instalation I got to chose a root password. But now I want to create a user. Insted of using the DB with root all the time.The problem is that I have no idea how to do this. And I didnt find anything in the SQL section either.Help me please!! /Per
  11. Hi all!I have a problem in my page. One page tries to send a boolean with a form like this: <input type="hidden" name="flag" value=FALSE> When I send this to my other page that page handes $flag like a string.I tried a IF statment on it and it returns as if TRUE. I used print to look at her $flag and it was FALSE as it should. The only way I got it to work right was to do a IF statment like this: if($flag == "TRUE") I dont know how to get this to work right. Help needed./Per
  12. Hi all!I use this JS to open a new window: window.open('','Chatt','status=no,toolbar=no,menubar=no,location=no,resizable=yes'); This gives a new window that is full size. But not maximised. Is there some way to get the new windo to open in maximised mode?/Per
  13. Hi all!As a part of a chatt page I use JS to open a new window as a result from a form. Like this: <script>function cForm(form){window.open('','Chatt','height=700,width=750,status=no,toolbar=no,menubar=no,location=no,resizable=yes');form.target='Chatt';}</script> The script is caled by the form. Like this: <input name="submitButton" type="submit" value="Enter" onclick="cForm(this.form)"> Now I like to close the old window as the new one pops up. Is this posible? If so, how is it done?/Per
  14. Hi all!Im building a webbpage. The pages users should be able to log in. To do this I thought of putting Username and password in a MySQL database. Along with all the oter information am going to stor on the users such as Name LastName and more.Is ther any way of making MySQL safe enough to hande this? Or can I use PHP in some way, as it is that script that is going to handel the database.All ideas are welkome./Per
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