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  1. first i'm sorry if my english not too goodia want to ask about J2MEhow to handling japanese character like hiragana or katakana in J2ME and save it into Record Management System (RMS)when i search into google, i found some clue that J2ME can handle japanese character with unicode and when saving the character into RMS it use unicode toobut i'm new in java programming especially J2MEcan everyone help with some link with tutorial for beginer or source code to help my problem
  2. haiFull name: Iqbal (don't give last name)Alternative name(s):Birth date(dd/mm/yyyy): 24 oktober 1988Gender: maleZodiacal sign: scorpioCountry of residance: indonesiaCity of residance: malangHeight:Weight:Eyes:Hair: blackSmoking/Drinking/Drugs: no/no/noFavourite Music: Anime OSTFavourite Movies: too manyInterest: AnimePets: don't havewell i not only interested in animei like to program with php but know just the basic of it and want study more of iteveryone pleesed to meet you
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