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  1. I'm creating my own template for my blog. I want to use some of the fonts that I have recently downloaded that look more like handwriting. But when I put them into my code they aren't recognized and still appear as Arial or TimesRoman. What do I need to do to have these fonts appear within my blog as they do in Word? If anyone knows I'd appreciate the help - Thanks!
  2. Yeah, transparent. I was told that you could in Paint - guess not. If you can't make it transparent there then where and how?
  3. Working on a page and want to insert some downloaded images. On the webpage I got them from they blended into chosen background - I'd like to do same on my page, but they are coming up with the white block. Tried getting around it in MS Paint w/o success. Anyone know another way or what I'm missing? I'd appreciate the help. Thanks! Using Yahoo! PagebuilderCurrent preview
  4. Ok, I got it to change font size & color, and it puts a background behind the link, but there is a gap between each link. What's the code for a blank line?
  5. Here it is: Pittsburgh Page in ProgressStill a work in progress... I live in Pgh and am putting this page together with all of the sites around. Using PageBuilder from Yahoo! - It has an HTML editor that I have been using to put in script.
  6. I'm finishing my web page and want to put up some links. Thing is, on my chosen background for the page it's difficult to see the standard TimesRoman font that is the default for the program I use. I'd like to know what script is needed to change the font, as well as size, color, and how to put a plain color background behind the text in needed. If anyone knows how to, I'd appreciate the help. Thanks!
  7. I'm trying to get the text vertical or option 1 in the ex. given in prev. post so I can make it meet other text in a corner of the page. Anything you know I would appreciate. [/size]
  8. Oh well - thought I'd ask, I know that IE is a real pain
  9. Hey - I'm building my very first webpage using Yahoo!'s Pagebuilder & I have studied thru the HTML course on the W3 site, but I'm having a problem right now with text. I want to rotate the font to appear vertical. Does anyone know how to do this? I've looked thru the site and can't seem to find a tag for it. If anyone can help I'd appreciate it. Thanks!
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