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    boen_robot,Thanks for the reply and information.I did glance at the Xpath tutorial when I saw it mentioned in the XSLT tutorial. That’s one of the things that are somewhat confusing. But, as I said, I only glanced at it.Thanks for the insight. I’ll take a closer look at the DOM. I’m wondering if I would be better off to focus on the DOM core or XML DOM first? Not knowing anything more than what I learned in the XML DOM tutorial combined with a little more research I did this AM, it seems that learning about the DOM core would lessen the learning curve of the XML model. I could be completely of
  2. I’ve been using W3S for years whenever I needed to reference something regarding HTML or CSS. However, the time has come to expand my horizons. I’m currently learning PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, using an Apache server. Additionally, XML seems to have become a big deal and that’s where I don’t know what I need to know with regard to learning the products, in a logical sequence. I did the XML DOM and XSLT tuts and they appear to be must know products. I'm not so sure about the other "X" type products. That’s what prompted my question.My long term objective, 9 to 12 months, hacking away at it on a fu
  3. Hello people, I'm just another nOOb, getting back into programming - after 9 years. I still miss the COBOL, CICS, mainframe days. But, I look forward to learning what I need to know, to do what I'm 'fixin' to do.
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