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  1. That did it! I knew it had to be something easy I was missing. Thanks to you all for looking my code over!
  2. Fixed the 404, thanks for pointing that out. This still isn't working for me. I'm running FF4.0.1. When I go to the blog page and click the "See who's talking & Leave Nina a comment!" link under any of the blog posts, nothing happens. You're not having any issues here? I cannot for the life of me figure out why this isn't working. I even checked to make sure that I have Javascript turned on, just in case! What am I missing here?What should be happening is when the "See who's..." link is clicked all of the comments and the comment form should slide into view underneath the blog post.
  3. I'm working with a content toggle to reveal the comments section of a blog post. It works everywhere except FF. I can't see the error, I don't even know where to start tracing it from. My guess is that the anchor link is trying to refresh the page. Can anyone else see what's going on? The pertinent code is below, as well as a link to the live blog. <script type="text/javascript"> function toggleElement(id) { $(id).toggle('slow'); return false; } </script> <a href="#comments" class="clear-floats italic" onclick="toggleElement(commentsFor53)">See who's tal
  4. I'm curious why this was removed from the spec and what, if anything, is replacing it. The closest thing I could find was the details tag, but that didn't seem right.
  5. OK, that helps. I was having a mini-breakdown thinking that I wasn't making my code properly semantic. I know that it won't kill the page, but I definitely want to be working toward the most current standards. I like your definition of a section as a cluster or paragraphs or content under a single heading. That really helped to clear things up for me.
  6. Divs and Sections: they're essentially interchangeable, right? I'm coding my first HTML5 page and I'm wondering if there's a time that one is more semantically correct than the other. For instance, would the main content for my site belong in a section, or should I use a div like I used to? Also, would the subsections in a page's content section be sections, divs or articles? The HTML5 spec suggests that an article should be a standalone content block - something that could be presented independently of the rest of the content. Does this mean that the main content of my page should be an
  7. It's the last part that made me wonder if I'm doing something wrong in the PHP and .txt data file. Take a look at the scripts below. Is there something that I'm missing here?XML tags contained in .txt file, these are updated by the following php when a user posts. This is more or less a tag database.<name>Chrome Test</name><message>Chrome</message><name>Firefox Test</name><message>Firefox</message><name>Opera Test</name><message>Opera</message><name>Safari Test</name><message>Safari</message><
  8. -- Bumping thread --I'm still trying to figured out what's going on. Are there any other suggestions about what might be going wrong? Code is listed above. Why would this be failing in IE when everything seems to be going through just fine?
  9. I do have IE9 installed, and I have been using the console. Unfortunately, it hasn't been throwing me any errors. The page did throw a single error when the alert stopped showing up: SCRIPT438: Object doesn't support property or method 'overrideMimeType'. I've commented out the overrideMimeType line for now and the alert is popping up again. I don't know what else to look for, though. The script isn't generating errors - at least none that the console is showing. What should my next step be?
  10. Added - borked the IE more, actually. Now it doesn't return anything (visibly, at least). The alert doesn't show in IE anymore either. It this possibly because we're overriding the mime type now and IE's not registering responseText as a result?Everything is still working in the other browsers.Updated JS://compact xh script ////////////////////////////////////////////////////function makeRequest() { // IE7+, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera if (window.XMLHttpRequest) { req = new XMLHttpRequest(); } else { // IE5, IE6 req = new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP"); } return req; } var xhrS
  11. Guy,I fixed myQuery as suggested. No dice. I used the alert(xhrSubmitPost.responseText) to find out that the data is showing up, but is not being read as XML.Here's a link to the active page, with the alert still turned on:http://seanosterhout.com/programmingfortheinternet/forum.phpI feel like we're getting closer, at least!
  12. Thanks for the response, Dad! I reversed the order of calling the makeRequest() function and added the setRequestHeader() line right after .open(). IE is still throwing the bogus data, though. What else can I test to see what's going on?
  13. I'm trying to create a discussion board/comments thread. I've got it working in FF, Chrome, Safari and Opera, but IE keeps telling me the returned data is undefined. It's also not letting me send data to the server, or, if it is, it's not getting added to the posts.txt file.Here's what I'm working with right now:JavaScript //compact xh script ////////////////////////////////////////////////////var xhrSubmitPost = makeRequest();function makeRequest() { // IE7+, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera if (window.XMLHttpRequest) { req = new XMLHttpRequest(); } else { // IE5, IE6 req = new ActiveXO
  14. Nevermind. The issue seems to have been fixed, though I'm not sure how. Maybe the server needed to rest for a while?
  15. I'm using the following code to reset a contact form. It's working fine to remove the entered data, but it's not resetting the HTML the way I think it should function selectiveReload(section, url) { //contrstucts the jQuery-compliant id sectionId = "#" + section; //OPTIONAL: determines the page to grab new content from. //If left blank, will load content from the current page url = (url === undefined) ? document.location : url; //determines the original element's tag name for use with inserting the new content tag = ($(sectionId).get(0).tagName); tag = '<'+tag+'><\/'+tag+'>';
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