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  1. I'll fix the HTML then, thank you for the info. function onparse(output){ if (window.document.theform.cmd.value == "help") { document.getElementById(output).innerHTML = "cls - Clears screen.<br>cd - moves to file/folder<br>dir - Displays files/folders in current directory.<br>del - Not supported.<br>ver - Displays version<br>"; } else if ( window.document.theform.cmd.value == "cls") { document.getElementById(output).innerHTML = " "; } else if ( window.document.theform.cmd.value.indexOf("e") == 0) { document.getElementById(output).innerHTML = window.document
  2. I do realize that most of this code is terrible. What HTML issues do you speak of? Is it because it's not validated? Most of my script is awful because I've been trying to write for something I don't know how to write. I tried the .substr() arg, and nothing.All I want to do, is get the input from "window.document.theform.cmd.value" and remove the first 5 chars. (I know it seems like .substr() would work, maybe I did it wrong?) I don't know at this point.getElementbyTagName I do'nt see the misspelling.
  3. I'm working on a bit of a side-project, nothing important, but I have yet to find a solution to this problem. What I need to do, is take a user's input from a text input and remove the first 4 (counting from one, 3 counting from zero) chars. so that I can change the innerHTML property of the "output" div to the rest of the string. Eg. "echo hi" should make "output" read: "hi".Any help is appreciated. I've changed this code quite a few times trying to make this work. But, here's what I've got right now. var myArray = [];myArray[0]=document.getElementById(input).getElementbyTagName(input).spli
  4. G1337

    VB Script sucks

    You are a bloody n00b! You support Firefox and are standing up for VB Script? As a default, FF doesn't even support VB Script, so STFU!
  5. G1337

    VB Script sucks

    VB Script is a waste of bloody time, so is Microsoft and they made it. Why are you using VB Script? It's not even recommended because it sucks! Why?
  6. G1337

    background imag

    What code did you use to put the background image on the page?
  7. There are also CSS tricks for getting rid of those unsightly blue borders.
  8. G1337

    CSS pains

    Not helping.
  9. G1337

    CSS pains

    I don't have to do it in CSS only, but I don't want to use JavaScript.
  10. G1337

    CSS pains

    The second list should be hidden, it is not. When you mouse over the "menu" in the first list, the second list should be displayed, it is not. I don't know what's wrong.
  11. G1337

    CSS pains

    I'm having some trouble making a CSS drop down menu, wondering if any help can be offered, here's the code, tell me if you see a problem. <html><heaD><title>Drop down menu?</title><style type="text/CSS">a { text-decoration: none; }ul.menu, ul.menu, ul {width: 60px;border: 2.5px double blue;background-color: black;margin-left: 5px;}ul.menu li {list-style-type: none;margin: 0;position: relative;color: red;}ul.menu li > ul {display: none;position: absolute;top: 3px;left: 50px;}ul.menu ul.CSStoShow {display: none;}ul.menu li:hover > ul {display: block;}ul.menu
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