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  1. Well it all becomes clear to me now!ok, i did know that about p ul and all the text stuff but not "body"thanks for filling me in!
  2. it actually removes the background right in dreamweaver. It s pretty weird. thats why im even talking about it.here's a look at the css http://www.cookieconfidential.com/cc.cssplease don't hate on the code format:(notice how "body" has no . in front of it. (theres an id and a class called body also but that shouldnt have anything to do with this, right?) This was something i overlooked and it was working then i said hey, why does that work, lemme add . or take that whole class out and see what happens? it lost the background image when i did that meaning it does use it.just weird to me
  3. My only way of realizing this was working is when i removed that class without the '.' it no longer produced the result it was producing (background image).Maybe im not looking far enough into this but it just seemed weird to me. removing the class from the css completley was my only way to see that it was working. I thought it was garbage code til i removed it and it no longer displayed bg image
  4. Hey guys.So i'm a bit green with css but im getting my game up. I recently came across a style sheet that had a class name without a '.' in front that works when loadedie:classname {height: 200px;width:200px;}I know by now id s get # and classes get . so how does this still work without the . ?
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