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  1. Also, do you know what doctype will allow iframe? Every one I've used always gets rid of iframe.
  2. My default open of the file is Textpad, but I can't do it unless I'm directly in Textpad, then click open.The thing I'm worried about is that Firefox is somehow tampering with the file. If so, my favorite browser is now corrupted... *sigh*Although, Windows Explorer is the problem. I'll try it, but the source of the file is my flashdrive, and I open it when I'm at school too.I tried copying the code and pasting it in a new file, then saving over it, but the same thing happens. I'm in such disarray with a webpage behind schedule! =/
  3. Recently, I've been revamping my webpage. Although, I've only been experimenting with the HTML tag iframe. I've researched it many times to come up short of what keeps happening.Every time I select the file in Windows, my Windows Explorer 'has encountered an error and must close.' So, everything disappears and reappears. That's fine, but I cannot edit that particular file at my house (which I spend most of my time on).There is some JavaScript within the file (code enclosed at the end), but it works on any other computer I've tested it on. I really hope that it's not the reason, as JavaScript s
  4. Figured as much. Thanks guys, I'll make the changes and report back to see if it worked.EDIT: Haha! That was simple! Thanks guys!
  5. Alrighty, after making a webpage for my free time, and to get my ranting side out, I've made a site not unlike maddox.xmission.com. Although, I did make it before I found his site.Anyway, I'm an aspiring webdesigner who has done alot with CSS, and at the school I work at only uses IE, which makes it really easy. Although, at home, I have Firefox, which doesn't like CSS as much. For example:-Scroll bar colors (Not a personal favorite, but still...)-Font size (The most frustrating)-Some text colors-"position: absolute;"-etc.I would like to know a few ways around these without using repetetive HT
  6. Hey y'all. I'm building a website for a clan on this game called Soldat. Currently, I piggy-backed code from JavaScriptSource.com... just a little scroller that displays text in the field above it. The URL is http://drupal.getalife.us/outclan.htmlIts all div tags and javascript. Lemme just post the CSS/JavaScript and the actual tagging: <style type="text/css">.gallerycontroller{width: 250px}.gallerycontent{width: 250px;height: 200px;border: 1px solid black;background-color: #000077;padding: 3px;display: block;}</style><script type="text/javascript">var tickspeed=3000 //ticke
  7. Thanks alot for replying. And if I came across as hating Firefox, I think its god's gift to mankind.Although, maybe I was taught differently from you, but here is my take on the problems (Thanks for listing them by the way!)-The "- usually, they act as glue in case you have properties that have a space in them. The same effect will happen with or without them, even on firefox.-The miss arranged tags- Thanks! I didn't see those... and I can usually spot them in my first trouble shooting session.-The document declaration- I really don't think that declaring the document type would have any effec
  8. For a while, I have been working on a website for a friend who has a clan on this game called Soldat. The website is all tables and CSS allignment, but the links wont work on firefox. I also have some JavaScript in there for a random rotating picture, and a stat counter on the homepage. Here is the link to the page: http://flameguthix.t35.comI am wondering if there is any quick fix, or do I have to completely redesign my site to make it look function right on Firefox?P.S. Here is some of the code for the links: <html><head> <title>.:|BAM|:. Clan Site-Home</title><st
  9. I will just give you the link to the page, would make it a bit easier.http://www.eurekacityschools.org/ehs/compu...hics/Index.htmlThat page and the next is the most screwed up. Note: There is also alot of JavaScript in it.P.S. If you still need the HTML, I can get code of the pages that don't work.
  10. This is all of the CSS body{background-color: FFFFFF;background-image: url('');background-repeat: no-repeat;background-position: right}h1{font-family: "Comic Sans MS";text-align: center;color: CC0025}p{font-size: 20 px;text-indent: 30 px;}ul{list-style-position: inside;list-style-image: url('Images/itmmarker.bmp');}a{color: 008C25;text-decoration: none;}a:hover{color: CC0025;text-decoration: overline;font-size: 20px;}table{text-align: center;}#banner{position: relative;top: .5 in;}#enterimage{position: absolute;top: 2.3 in;left: 4.1 in;}#Enter{position: absolute;top: 4.5 in;left: 5 in;}#stude
  11. This has been really bothering me. I have done a website for a school district, which includes lots of <div id=> tags linking to an external style sheet. The PR uses an Mac OSX, and wont put the site up because it looks horrible.I was wondering, is there a quick fix for something like this other than putting CSS directly into the webpage? Because that would just make it a massive document. That and the insane work. Thanks!
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