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  1. Best Shopping Cart Article Might be some good info here for you! (From the link you gave, I was poking around.)
  2. I'm not there yet. But have been wondering the same thing myself. The only advice I have (since I have no practical advice) is to google it. Good link! I think I may read through it myself!
  3. I would want to test the transparency in Firefox and possibly a few others first. But that's a great option! It would definitely make things easier! And yes, separate image "collections" does sound like the way to go for the modification purposes I'm likely to encounter.
  4. Wow. My last reply apparently didn't take...lemme try this again! Updates would probably be only a couple times a year, most likely around 2, as new and better images came in. The amount of images/collections wouldn't change so much. There might be another collection to add at some point, but the idea is to keep the page from being overly cluttered (I think...but the person who wants it may change their mind at some point, I don't know.) I looked up a quick image map tutorial. Doesn't look that complicated and does look a lot easier than playing with divs and divs inside divs for the same effect! Even individual images (one for each "collection") wouldn't be too bad, I think. Then I would just be able to add a new section of code for each "collection" without having to go back an edit any other sections. Editing code for new collections that will replace existing collections will just be a matter of plug and chug in the code and putting the new pics on top of the old for the new "collection" image. So long as the backgrounds of the "collections" matched the site background (and it's going to stay just a flat color so it doesn't distract from the images), and that should be pretty simple to do. Changing backgrounds later could be a little more difficult, but overall probably not a big time sink.
  5. Yep, thumbnails take you to the new page as well. Image maps then. Cool! I will look into those. Thanks for taking the time out to reply! (Especially since with the short sleep I'm on I'm having trouble being entirely clear on what I'm trying to explain. )
  6. Yep, my reply must've gotten lost in the middle of my second post: "Yes, the (individual) images do have to be clickable (takes you to a different browser tab with the "full" image for a closer look.)" I'm not as familiar with image maps and hot spots. Not adverse to learning them however. Would they be easier than divs in this case?
  7. Okay, so it's sounding like there is NOT another way (other than tinkering with the divs) to do this. Looks like I'll have to come back to this idea another time. Ah well. Thanks for the posts!
  8. Unfortunately I don't use dreamweaver, so I can't help you directly. However... http://www.digitalfamily.com I have found her tutorials to be very useful for Expression Web 2. In fact, I'm just about finished with the "Essentials" dvd and ready to move onto the "Advanced" one. If you need someone to walk you through simply and efficiently, this is what I recommend! She's actually mainly about Dreamweaver, so you are likely to find more information about it than I'll get for EW2. The site has some free tutorial videos, so you can kind of "try before you buy" if you like. Not sure if this will help, but it's definitely worked for me!
  9. Hm, looks my drawing isn't up to snuff. Let me try it again and I'll add an explanation too. The pictures, specifically the main images, are not supposed to line up with each other. Each main image is off set both vertically and horizontally. The thumbnails around them correspond to the main image they surround only and are lined up with the corner or split evenly down a side. Let me see if I can get a better picture up... Ahh, there we go. As you can see I just threw this together really quick, but the main images are all off set now. While the thumbnails are more off set than I originally intended, thats not necessarily a bad thing. Basically very few things line up with anything and those that do are only thumbnails. Yes, the images do have to be clickable (takes you to the "full" image for a closer look.) The photoshop image of the "collection" is a neat idea, but I don't think it will work in this case... Thanks tho! (**edit** on second glance, it looks like I misunderstood your post, running very short on sleep at the moment... Yes an image map could work. My post below talks more about it.) I know it's possible to do this with some tricky div work, but my main object is to see if there is a different (read: easier/simpler) way to do so.
  10. I've said "Hi" before, but I'll make it a bit more official now. I'm getting back into web design after many years of on and off puttering. I was your classic Sci-Fi geek fan in high school and made ye olde Geocities page for all my fanfic, humor, filks and other insanity. I did another page for marching and concert band humor. In college I did a few others just for amusement. Always with free editors and hosting. Anyhoo, since the job market is more or less kaput. I thought I'd train myself in it again while I look for work. Give me an extra way to make some income, plus it's one of the few things I've enjoyed doing for 8hrs a day and that's no small thing! I didn't really have any start up capital since I'm unemployed, but my husband had gotten a copy of Expression Web 2 as a gift. So I'm learning on that! We also have a relatively recent edition of photoshop and that helps! It's mostly self study with the tutorials from Total Training that came with it (I later got the entire "Essentials" dvd training since I liked it so much.), E3, and other stuff I've picked up along the way. I'm most of the way through the first phase so I'm getting ready to start tinkering in earnest and hit the next section. (Funny how building entire websites with, for me, new tools like CSS is considered "tinkering" for me now. Yep, that's why I want to do this again! One of the few jobs, that I can actually potentially make money with, that I just find 'fun'. ) So...hi!
  11. I'm still relatively new to web designing with Expression Web 2, although I can do a lot of basic web page building including CSS. The other night my husband asked if I could place pictures in a certain way on his website. I've posted a pic of the arrangement he was thinking below (the black boxes represent large images and some thumbnails surrounding them.) Obviously there will be nav bars and other text on the page, but for the moment I'm just concerned with getting the picture placement right. I've attempted a similar sort of "artistic arranging" of pictures in the past, but it's never been something I've been able to do easily and the results were never exactly what I wanted. But I've always been using old free WYSIWYG editors, Geocities page builder, and other similar "old skool" tools. So, now that I've actually got a decent web editor program, I was wondering if there is a simple way to do this? Particularly as it's related to Expression Web 2, since that's what I'm using. If there isn't, is this something Dreamweaver does easily? (Something I can look forward to when I finally save up enough money to get it. ) I'm sure with enough time and insanity I could put it together with div tags, but using divs doesn't seem to be the ideal way to do this... Thanks for any input!!! (Even if it's only to say that you're not sure, b/c then I'll know it's not just me!)
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