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  1. Ok thanks for all the help. Much appreciated.Cheers.
  2. Ohhh sorry my bad. Thanks for the advice mate.Cheers.
  3. Iv'e only learnt HTML but on W3Schools.com it says to learn XML you should know HTML and JavaScript. So im just doing as they tell me.
  4. Hey guys im learning JavaScript at the moment. Whats the most important thing I need to know?
  5. I'm new to the forum where is the board i POST on to ask for Coding HELP? Cheers.
  6. Great find this also help my friend with the same error that this guy had. Cheers
  7. By subdomain you mean the domain that comes with the hosting site? Im new to learning this stuff.
  8. Hey guys im not that great at HTML but I wanna make a website layout. Can anyone give me and tips on free programs or even better help me code it. Add my msn if you can help me code it beau_beckham_12@hotmail.com. Thanks very much.
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