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  1. Thanks a lot Sir for writing out this Code ..But actually, I am new to PHP :)If I have a Text in the variable named $text, lets say,$text = "This is a badword which has to be replaced";then how can we use functions get_bad_words() & replace_bad_words() to replace the bad words ...I have gone through ur explanations and have understood what exactly have been done .. but how to use the fuinction
  2. Hello,I have a Shoutbox, and I want to have a bad word censer. i.e. the bad words should be automatically replaced with the words specified.Currently I am using Badwords insides the PHP File. I am using this. // Defining an array$badword_array['badword1'] = 'replace1';$badword_array['badword2'] = 'replace2';$badword_array['badword3'] = 'replace3';// And using this, to Replace Bad Words from the Text i.e $messageforeach($badword_array as $insult=>$ok){ $message = eregi_replace("$insult", "$ok", "$message"); } However, if we need to edit the Badwords etc, then we need to edit the PHP File itself. :)Can we have the possibility that, we have a MySQL Table having two feilds i.e. badword and replace.e.g.badword / replacebadword1 / replace1badword2 / replace2and so on .....The PHP Script should look for the bad word in the "badword" feild, and if anu bad word occur then it shoukd use appropriate replacement, as mentioned in corresponding "replace" Tables :)Please Help.
  3. OK ... so how to go for a member area ?I mean to create an area, where only members can download. While Guest can only view files. Member's data will be stored in MySQL, and I know how to do that ...I only need help on, where only members can download. While Guest can only view files.Thanks ....
  4. Ok, Sir, I admit that I will limit my Downloads, but please I want such type of scripts :)I just dont want a FREE Download area because obviously one makes a website for earning. One way is to make a premium area where only paid members will come. But I want my site to be free, and yet I want to earn revenue. I hope u have understood what I mean.So I am responsible for limiting of Downloads etc, but can I have any help on any such script :)Thanks
  5. Ok I agree, but the point is that I will only use trusted Ad Services such as one by Google Adsense etc.If u visitor doesnot want to click on Ads than its upto him. :)Can someone please tell me a possible code for this ?
  6. Hello all ..I am looking for creating a Download Area.My Aim to create such a page e.g. if a user wants to download a file as abc.mpg than first a Adverstisement should appear on the page, and the user must Click on the Advertisement and after Clicking he will be given with the actual File.If he does not click on Advertisement than he should not be given the file ..IT will be definitely possible in PHP.So how can we do this ?Thanks
  7. areeb

    Tables to CSS/div

    No Problem Sir
  8. areeb

    Tables to CSS/div

    OK, Thanks, but what about that 3 Rows and 4 Column thing ?How can we do that in CSS ?
  9. areeb

    Tables to CSS/div

    Okay, I have two Question.I have a website which is based on Tables. I want to restructure my website to XHTML, CSS and DIV Based. My First Question is that is there any Software which can perform this action ???Someone told me that we can convert HTML to XHTML using Microsoft Frontpage, by applying XML Setting .... What about otherz ?Second QuestionI have a Tables, lets say having 3 rows and 4 columns >>> 12 Boxes having some values etc.If I want to create the same thing using CSS, Can we do It ???I dont want Tables to exist in my site.Thanks
  10. Thanks , I have used that PHPZip before but it was giving errors.Now I will try PCLZip.The code which u have given is for extracting files from a Zip Archives.What I am asking is to create a Zip File.Lets say I have a Folder named "data". When the Scripts runs, it should ZIP those files into a file and then offer me a link to download this archive :)While going through the Documentation, I have known this will be good >> <?php include_once('pclzip.lib.php'); $archive = new PclZip('file.zip'); $v_list = $archive->create('file.txt,data/text.txt,folder'); if ($v_list == 0) { die("Error : ".$archive->errorInfo(true)); }?> Now this will create an archive named file.zip with the two files and one folder in it .... Right ??Now what should I do so that this file can be downloaded ??? Thanks
  11. areeb

    Spam Protection

    Hello allI have a Guestbook on my site at >>>www.areebonline.com/guestbookI am using Viper Guestbook for this.Since one month I am getting Spam hits on my guestbook. Everyday it enters 2-3 Spam entries in my Guestbook.Although there is an option to limit Spam in the Guestbook (By limiting the time required between two entries) but that actually works with a constant IP Address.The type of spam which I receive is such that one entry is from one IP Address and next one is from another one. This makes the Guestbook think that the second entry is by another person. Does any one have any solution to this Problem
  12. areeb

    Validation Problem

    OK, but we need the EMBED Tag, otherwise Netscape users cannot see anything Insertion of Embed Tag actually makes the problemAny Solutions ?
  13. I wanted to ask whether there is any PHP script which can actually create and extract Zip files, once they are uploaded to the server.Well, Extraction of Zip files is possible using cPanel.The important thing is the creation of any compressed file e.g. Zip or Tar etc.Lets say, I have a folder in my site abc.I want such a script, which when executed, gives me abc.zip so that I can easily download it, instead of using FTP
  14. Well hotmail was just an example.I have also tried it with Gmail and Yahoo, and everywhere it is ending in Junk/Bulk Mail :)Adding to safe list is useless, because I want to use it an an autoresponder.I mean, if someone, filled the contact form on my website, a Thank You email will be sent to the person, who filled the form.Now every person has a different email address, so everyone will not add the address to the safe list Reconfiguring Mail Server.I am using a Web Host which uses cPanel,can we reconfigure it ?If yes than how.Sorry to ask this but I am not too good in dealing with emails :)I checked the mail, and the email contains the same headers which I used
  15. areeb

    help in polling

    the function imagecreate() needs GD Library.If you are getting this error than it means that GD Library is not installed on your system.You can download the GD Library for free from this site:www.boutell.com/gdInstalling GD Library might not be easy for you if you are a beginner :)It seems that you are running the files on your Local Computer.Try using your webhost, as most Web Hosts do have GD Library installed on their Computer.If you dont know whether GD Library is installed or not, simply use this PHP Code for this.Run this file, and you will know whether GD Library is installed or not.<?phpif (function_exists('imagecreate')) { echo "GD Library is enabled <br>\r\n<pre>"; var_dump(gd_info()); echo "</pre>";} else { echo 'Sorry, you need to enable GD library first';}?>
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