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    Php Image Generation

    alright then ,I'll have to make it the challenge to find another solution to my problem then!thanks annyway!
  2. yoded

    Php Image Generation

    Hi , I was just toying around with generating a php image , and I would like to know how to make objects you generate in a php image to act as a hyperlink.Sorry for the noob question,but to whomever might answer , already thanks for your help!
  3. yoded

    Php Script Settings

    Thanks for your help!
  4. yoded

    Php Script Settings

    Hi,Main Question: Is it possible to allow a php script wich is user activated to continue untill finished after the user closes or changes the page ?Side Question: Is there a way to delay a function without using the sleep(); function ? (It's the idea that the page loads but that a small part of the page simply waits untill a designated time to execute)I know it's been asked, and I know it's been said, but I do hope someone can give me an answer wich actually helps.
  5. thanks for the help, I already found a workaround for this problem but the info will come in handy either way.It's more of an admin panel than an open acces panel for users atm but thanks for the warning!
  6. yoded

    My Login Script

    I do believe you call for your database incorrectly , when I apply this script with 2 blank tables to substitute i find that the script itself works perfectly well.Only explanation can be that your database connection isn't propper!
  7. yoded

    My Login Script

    check your database , your page code and your config.php for any typo's you've made in any sql query's.
  8. Hi,Storyline: I'm attempting to make something wich will allow visitors on my site to add certain new functions to a game, and in doeing so update a formula to calculate a certain variable wich is directly affected by the newly added function.Problem: In retrieving the formula from the MySQL database the server does not calculate the given formula into a variabele but simply outputs the text.Any help on how to overcome this problem?
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