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  1. No I cannot because I have tremendous financial deficiency and I don't have debit card can any body who have those books sent those books in my e-mail address. PDF forms. I will be great full to all . please help me ! I can help you in future to come by
  2. Dear friendscan any body sent this three books to me .1)Software Engineering by Ian sommerville2) Software Engineering by Rogers Perssman ISBN 0733759773) Software Engineering by Hudson of Oxford University press.I request any body to help me to arrange this books. If any body have these books. please sent this books to my e-mail address
  3. Dear the scientist what I am looking for how much time I allocate to learn web development per day as I have others courses like SAT-1,2 TOFFEL , IELTS to seek admission to reputable USA university to learn Bachelor of software Engineering.
  4. How many days are needed to learn all the materials and take the exam? most of them a memorizing codes and apply to a software to make another software
  5. Dear sircan I get all your tutorials in pdf formats so that I can download and read in my spare time which will enhance my compatibility .can the admin help me

    Exam Prices

    Dear friendsI am from BANGLADESH . I have 8 blogs at the moment .I am 19 years old. Doing SAT-1 And SAT-2 , IELTS, TOFFEL. I have no academic knowledge of computers but I gain some knowledge through those great tutorials .How much time is stipulated for those tutorials to complete( All)? how much valuable those certificates are? I want to be a software Engineer in the future years to come by . let hopes that I can be successful. I have tremendous interest in computer systems.
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