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  1. Thank you once again! I'm headed over to the wikipedia site. I appreciate your time.Sincerely,katlap1
  2. Thanks again.I've looked at the site for downloading WAMPserver and, for now, it's over my head with information. I'm looking for how much space it takes, and all I see is 16Mo, whatever that means. Is this program in the W3Schools.com tutorials? Is this something I need to build a website? I'm running XP w/76GB hard drive, but also have a 700GB external drive. Is this OK for WAMPserver?I won't bug you again (at least until I run into a snag again)! katlap1
  3. OMG! It worked! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Now I can move onward & upward!Sincerely,Katlap1
  4. Thanks Scout & Synook, but....This is where my webpage & picture are (the same folder on my desktop), so I tweaked it to be more accurate...and this is what I have now (but still isn't working):<img src="C:/Documents and Settings/Owner/desktop/webpage images/thumbnailP1040317.jpg" width="144" height="50" />Any other ideas?Appreciate it, folks!
  5. I'm studying the tutorial for html, and I've gotten to the part of embedding an image. I've tried several ways of referring to any number of pictures I have on my computer, but I just get a little empty box on my "web page". I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.This is what I've written:<img src="desktop/webpage images/thumbnailP1040317.jpg" width="144" height="50" />I've tried variations of the above, & still no avail. This image is a tiny picture of one that I have taken, but it comes out a box with a broken picture icon in the upper left corner.Thanks for any advice!katlap1
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