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  1. Sami

    Html_Bbcodeparser 1.2.2

    Well, the PEAR package manager in cPanel is actually telling about a directory. (/home/kristfzz/php)There's a directory in it named 'html', so I guess it's there.
  2. Sami

    Html_Bbcodeparser 1.2.2

    /home/kristfzz/php/html/BBCodeParser.php, maybe?
  3. I'd like to use BB-codes on my webpage, but can't find any tutorial that I understand.I wish to use HTML_BBCodeParser, as it's already installed at my host's server, but how do I use it? Path: /home/kristfzz/php
  4. Sami

    Only letters and numbers

    I guess this character encoding problem gone if I use UTF-8 ?It doesn't work btw. Everything becomes invalid.
  5. How do I put the full date into the database?(including seconds) How can I make the script tell how long time ago a date was? I'm creating a Norwegian web page, tough, so: Second(s) = sekund(er) Minutte(s) = minutt(er) Hour(s) = tim(er) Day(s) = dag(er) Week(s) = uke( r ) Year(s) = år
  6. Hi.Try giving the input fields different names.you can also make it posibille to select multiple files in one field. You might want to try that. <input type='file' name='image' multiple='multiple'> And $_POST["submit"] isn't set by the form.and Im not gay btw:P
  7. Sami

    Only letters and numbers

    Thanks! But can I make 'æ', 'ø' and 'å' valid using that code? Forgot to mention that x)
  8. Hi.Is there a way I can validate that a string only contains letters and numbers?
  9. It wan't any "rank" field there.
  10. Nvm, I figured it out myself, but it's still not inserting the data in the database...
  11. This code returns "Noen av feltene var ikke fyllt inn riktig."(Some of the fields were not filled in correctly.).it's supposed to redirect to login.php?s=1 <?phpif (CRYPT_BLOWFISH == 1){$username = mysql_real_escape_string($_POST["username"], $con);$password = mysql_real_escape_string(crypt($_POST["password"],$_POST["password"]), $con);$email = mysql_real_escape_string($_POST["email"], $con);$born = mysql_real_escape_string($_POST["born"], $con);}else{die("Kryptering er ikke støttet av serveren");}if (filter_var($_POST["email"], FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL)) {$emailisvalid="ok";}if($_POST["password"]==$_POST["password2"]){$passconfirmed="ok";}if($_POST["name"]){$nameset="ok";}if($_POST["password"]){$passet="ok";}if($passet=="ok" && $nameset=="ok" && $passconfirmed=="ok" && $emailisvalid=="ok") { mysql_query("INSERT INTO users (username,password,email,regdate,rank)VALUES ('$username', '$password', '$email',CURDATE(),'2')"); header("location: ./login.php?s=1"); }else { $error="Noen av feltene var ikke fyllt inn riktig."; } ?>
  12. What kind of encryption should I use for encrytping passwords before I store them in the database?
  13. 1. The username I've entered is kristfzz_1, and not just kristfzz2. I've entered a password!index.php:<?phpinclude("include/common.php");include("include/header.php");?><div id="content"><?phpif($_GET["r_http"]=="404"){?><h1>Siden kunne ikke bli funnet.</h1><?php}else{ $result = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM sites WHERE name='index'"); while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result)) { echo $row["content"]; }}?></div><?phpinclude("include/footer.php");?> common.php isn't importantdatabase.php <?php// connect$con = mysql_connect("localhost","kristfzz_2","******");if (!$con) { die('Debugging: ' . mysql_error()); } mysql_select_db("kristfzz_1", $con); ?>
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