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  1. Ok it's pretty clear to me now, if you want to use properties in multiple classes you need to declare them outside the methods. Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it!
  2. Can you please clarify on how to do this in this example. Because just referring to the php.net manual is not helping me one bit.
  3. Hello, Recently i've picked up php and I'm stuck. I'm following some net.tutsplus tutorials by Jeffrey Way on PDO database acces and I'm trying to incorperate this into a class without luck. <?phpclass Database {function __construct(){ try { $conn = new PDO('mysql:host=localhost;dbname=blog', 'root', ''); $conn->setAttribute(PDO::ATTR_ERRMODE, PDO::ERRMODE_EXCEPTION); } catch(PDOException $error) { echo 'ERROR: ' . $error->getMessage(); }}function get($conn) { $stmt = $conn->prepare('SELECT * FROM users'); $stmt->execute(); while($row = $stmt->fetch()) { print
  4. Hello, I hope I can ask a simple webdesigners question here aswell. At the moment I'm designing multiple pages in photoshop for a webshop. My question to website designers is as following. If you have a large amount of pages(15+) with the header and footer staying the same do you just put them all in one .psd in different groups.Or do you make multiple .psd files each one having a page? I know alot of people use fireworks aswell for this just for the master page function. I'm just wondering what people usually do in this situation and why.
  5. Hello,I doubt this is a CSS thing but I don't know exactly where to post this and it uses CSS aswell.I wan't to slowly increase the opacity of an image to show it comletely when doing a mouseover.The problem is I know how to do it in CSS, I just don't know how to get it gradually.Take a look at the social media buttons(mouse over them) from this wordpress theme to see what I mean.ExampleHopefully someone can provide me with some insight on how this is done.
  6. Masking the picture fully with a large static grid seems like a bad idea now since each gridblock has it's own random loadinganimation, meaning i have to make each gridblock into a movieclip.I have succesfully done this by using this actionscript: var ph:MovieClip = new MovieClip();addChild(ph);var xPos:Number = 0;var yPos:Number = 0;var margin:int = 2;for(var i:int = 0; i<54; i++){ var myBox:Box = new Box(); if(xPos + myBox.width > stage.stageWidth) { yPos += myBox.height + margin xPos = 0; } myBox.y = yPos; myBox.x = xPos; ph.addChild(myBox); xPos += myBox.width + margin;}ph.x = (
  7. Hello,I'm getting a bit more into flash again, and I saw a flash website that I would like to recreate in a way.Gonna post this on multiple forums to see if I can fully recreate an effect as in this sample:http://www.web-site-template.net/templates/300110629Now i'm looking for someone with a bit of experience in flash who can tell me a bit more about how to achieve such an effect.What i've already done is make a mask for the photo to get the grid effect.Now I want to get the loading effect, looking at a single box in the grid I already see there are 3 parts in that.First it seems to load the p
  8. Hello,I want to learn .net programming so i've got frameworks working now and IIS.The one problem now is that ASP.NET isn't marked under Application Development Features.(Programs and Features>Windows Features On/Off>World Wide Web Services>Application Development Features)When i try to check it and press ok it says it cannot install some components, after checking it myself it doesn't seem to install any.Can anybody help me out with getting this working so I can start coding already, or is there any other way to run ASP?Greetings,Stephan
  9. "Alot of extra work" might have been a bit too much said there, but ok. I guess it isn't all that much, just too bad there isn't a way to set the max width of the properties from the image itself.Anyways thanks for the reply.
  10. Hi,I'm looking for a Jquery gallery where I can space the images like tiles as seen in the picture.So far I haven't been able to find one after going through numberous Jquery slider roundups, unfortunately I don't know enough about it to create one myself and can't spend too much time on it.\Would be helpfull if somebody knew such a image gallery or one that can be easily modified with css to look like this.Ofcourse it doesn't have to be the exact same layout, just something similar.Greetings,Steph
  11. Hello,I usually make my navigation by using a list like seen in the included image, only problem now is that the pictures I sliced in photoshop for the navigationarent equally sized so the spacing is off.By slicing different size images in photoshop I cannot specify a standard width for all of them like i usually do when i slice them with equal size.Is there any way you can have an image take on its own max width, instead of seeing something like 100% as the entire browser-area?This can probably be fixed by setting the width for each image or slicing images for navigation with equal width, bu
  12. It even seems to happen with all css disabled, is this something firefox does automatically?Problem is when trying to define another background color it doesn't want to accept any.
  13. Hello,I have made an contact form for my website but 3 fields are having a blue background without me having done any css work on them.So it's pretty much automatically set to a lightblue background.here is the html:<form method="post" action="contactengine.php"><label for="Name">Naam:</label> <input type="text" name="Name" id="Name" /> <label for="City">Stad:</label> <input type="text" name="City" id="City" /> <label for="Email">Email:</label> <input type="text" name="Email" id="Email" /> <label for
  14. Very nice idea and simple, I like it. :)Ill try to adjust my database to display only the ones I have reviewed.Though I would like to be notified of any database entries.How would one go about making a "e-mail notification system" like that?
  15. Hello people,I am not that experienced with php but I'm finding my way around.At the moment I am designing a website where I want people to add information to a database, now I have already managed to make a webpage where all the information can be put into fields and than submitted into the database.The only problem is that the added information needs to be reviewed/checked first, than put into the database and make a new webpage displaying the information that has just been added.So I thought about having an e-mail confirmation set up that notifies me when somebody wants to make a data entry
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